Saturday, April 16, 2011

I know it's only April...

 But really.....
It has been snowing heavily since about 8 this morning.
Last night it was predicted that the snow would miss us and that we would get only rain.  HA!!
Now they are saying we may get up to an inch and a half.  Bah Humbug, I say!  We already had an inch of rain yesterday.
I guess this means no outside gardening for me this weekend.  But, that may be a good thing.  I've still got tons to do this weekend.  Maybe, since the weather is bad, I'll FINALLY get the door and drawer pulls on the cabinets in the kitchen.
I do have some little seedlings to transplant so I can get my hands in the dirt.  And now that V has finished a big project for one of his employers (he got a $250 bonus if he finished it before midnight last night) hopefully I can pin him down on chicken coop design issues.  Of course, he still has to have all the image files for his book ready by the end of the month.  Ahh... no rest...
And especially no rest since Mom and Dad have invited themselves up for Easter. They want to see the new kitchen.  I'll have to see if my brother will be in the country and wants to come over as well.  We haven't hosted a family holiday since we've been in the new house.  But, that means lots of cleaning and preparation.  I'll be honest- the housekeeping has slid a bit the past few weeks with as busy as we've been.  I need a good excuse to really get down to some spring cleaning.

An update:  It stopped snowing and as of 1130 am, it had all melted. Hoorah!!  We had about an inch of snow- at least it didn't stick around.


  1. You can keep the snow up there. 60 miles isn't much but in this case, I hope it is enough.

  2. Snow over here too, but thankfully it didn't stick! I'm trying to think of inside activities today too, hiding out until it gets nice out again.

  3. Hi, i just signed on to read my favorite blogs. I read yours about snow and then Gumbo Lily who was talking about wet snow this week. She said, "Wet, spring snow is poor man's fertilizer. It does wonders for the grass and plants."

    I don't know how that works, but it sounds like good news for a gardner!

  4. hi neighbor,i guess i will be judy with lower case letters,just so i don't get mixed up again,not that anyone else would[get mixed up i mean


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