Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

 What a whirlwind weekend it was.  Between chicks and birthdays!
Today the children and I drove to my parent's farm to help celebrate my mother's 80th birthday.  My brother and SIL were also in attendance. We joined them for church this morning and then all went out to lunch
Of course, K11 has to ham it up for the camera.  sigh.  We went to a wonderful restaurant about 20 miles from my parent's home.  The Bonaparte Retreat.  It is located in the ground floor of an old grist mill right along the Des Moines River in a historic village.
 The food was plain but good and very reasonably priced.  We all had a good time.  Then we went back to my parent's for the afternoon.
You would think that at their ages they would start slowing down.  But they have been busy.
 Two trees that they have cut down recently.  A maple and a walnut- both old and damaged.  The maple was my favorite.  It was hollow in the middle and check out the way the trunk tried to heal itself:
 That is SO cool!!   The children had fun poking around all the hollow logs.
We even brought a section home with us (the big one in the middle) to use as a 'chicken toy' when we finally get the coop and run built.  Something for the hens to climb on and through and peck at.
The 4 new girls are doing well and growing quickly. And my parents were actually pleased to hear that we are going to be having/have chickens.
Now, I've got to get this posted- we have a huge storm coming right this way.  Stay safe and dry out there in this wacky weather.


  1. Oh wow, those holes in the wood is amazing. The chicks will have fun with that.

  2. I love the look of those trunks! I'm so jealous that you get to have chickens. Maybe next year we'll have to sponsor one of your chickens (pay for its feed and cost in exchange for pictures and an egg once a year!). I'm sure your husband would be glad to hear that it's an additional chicken that you didn't pay for... riiiight? ;)

  3. What an awesome trunk shot! Sounds like a lovely weekend. So glad you got chicks! I like Jen's chicken sponsorship program idea.

  4. Jen- if you want to bring the children to see the chicks we can arrange something. We'll be getting more chicks the first week of May as well. As for sponsorship- I'm sure we could see to an arrangement for a few eggs every now and then. Hopefully once they all get going we'll have more than we can use.

  5. I heard that the Retreat has been kind of hit or miss lately. In the past, the food has been outstanding. I usually go for the Iowa chops which melt in my mouth. But yours would be the third report I've heard this year of the food being from okay to downright bad. I hope things change around for the better.

  6. What a great time! And I think the chickens will love that log!


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