Friday, April 29, 2011

Taking a risk

I moved my tomato seedlings out onto the porch this afternoon.  A risky business considering the cold temps and wind we've had recently.  They have grown so much that they are starting to grow INTO the lights.  They need to have more space, more light and to harden off so I can plant them outside.  Our last frost date is in two weeks???  The way this year is going, I don't feel I can trust that.  We're still looking at temps into the mid 30s overnight late this weekend.  But those tomatoes NEED to go out. And amazingly enough- two of my tomatillo plants are already blooming!!  They're only about 8 inches tall (pot and all) but they seem to think they are over achievers.
Today was a lovely, sunny, breezy day.  We grilled out for dinner- the first time for the year.  Of course tomorrow is supposed to be rainy.  I'm really hoping that it misses us- or at least if it rains that we only get a little shower.  Maybe, maybe if it doesn't rain tomorrow I'll be able to plant my early stuff in the garden on Sunday.  My usual standards, some of it should have gone in two weeks ago.  sigh...  the angst of gardening.
I've got to work tomorrow.  We had lots of discharges today so I'm a bit worried that it will be ultra busy tomorrow.  But, it will be what it is.
J16 has to be at school by 630 am tomorrow.  She is heading to St Louis for an overnight with members of the Art club.  They will be hitting several museums, the arch and at least one college there.  Mostly, they will have fun.
Oh, and she is quite pleased with herself.  She got her ACT score back.  She got a 28 (highest possible is a 36).  Not too shabby.  Now, she just has to finish that dress for prom.  She's got a week and it's not done yet.  EEK.   I'm probably more concerned than she is.
Now, I've gotta go feed chicks.  They seem to be eating a lot lately.  It must be a growth spurt.  They were so funny this afternoon.  I captured all the random boxelder bugs I could find on the basement window (only a few stragglers) and dropped them into the cage.  The chicks were thrilled and chased each other around.  Our local post office has been forewarned that I've got more chicks coming in next week so all is right with the world (well, at least my tiny corner of it).
Good night all.


  1. ARE brave. lol

    We worked on the coop today and workled in thev garden beds and mowed the crazy high grasses, and I swear: we watched the chives bloom!! They were full of buds at the beginning of the day, and by early afternoon, the purple flowers were open.

    I love this time of year. I'm sure ready for it to stay warm tho!

  2. Congrats to J16! I'm anxious to for her to finish the dress too :)! It seems here that the last frost date is actually about a week past the "published" date since I've been keeping track on a calendar the past few years. I'm sure your tomatoes will love the natural sun being outside, even if only for awhile!

  3. In the past, I have planted tomatoes early in mid April and planted the rest in the first half of May. Some years the ones in April don't get frosted on and I have lots of early tomatoes. Other years, they have been frosted on but you know, I have probably have had less than a handful ever die. Mostly they get set back just a bit and end up about the same as the ones planted in May timing wise. I think as long as it isn't a hard hard frost or they don't get frosted on in the first couple days after planting, tomatoes are more hardy than people give them credit for. Of course you can always hedge your bets and place a bucket or wall-of-water over them at night when a frost is expected.


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