Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Grrr... Chipmunks

I was sorely irritated this afternoon to arrive home to this:
@#*$&! Chipmunks!  And the photo was snapped after I had done triage to get little roots into the soil.  Those annoying chipmunks had been digging in my seedlings and had uprooted 14 of the 32 plants in this flat.  Evidently, it had happened recently since only one seedling was slightly wilted.  I would have been thoroughly devastated had I arrived home to uprooted DEAD seedlings.  At least I had more pots so I could replace the pots that weren't salvageable.   They got into the broccoli and cauliflower seedlings    and, of course, at this size, trying to quickly identify a broccoli vs a cauliflower seedling was beyond my ability- so we will have a surprise row in the garden.  At least they have similar requirements.  Now I just need to figure out how to keep those little critters out in the future. I really don't want to have to do this again.
But on a better note, my last plant I ordered arrived today.  Another red currant bush.  After V backed into one of my two plants with the lawn tractor last fall it wasn't looking too good and I honestly didn't think it would survive the winter.  So I ordered another one.  Well, the one that got hit is looking great this spring so now we have three.  But best of all, this plant is HUGE!  Look:
 It is easily as big as the two out there that we've had for 2 years.  I'm impressed.  And I got it safely planted in the ground (after I repotted seedlings).  Today is probably our last nice day for a while since it is supposed to rain for a few days.  Good thing this plant arrived today, I hate digging holes and planting things in the mud.
And, lastly, an obligatory chick shot.  They are about 2 weeks old now.  This is Claudia.
Isn't she beautiful?  I'm a bit worried that she may be a Claude since she is already getting quite a little comb on her- but time will tell.  She is one of our mystery 'rainbow layers'.   Any ideas from the chicken 'experts' out there?  She has lovely wings.


  1. We have had chipmunks here twice. I trap them with little Havahart traps and relocate them. They are uber destructive critters!

  2. Drat! A mystery row will be fun, though :) You are going to have quite the fruit operation in a few years. Maybe if you tie a bow around Claudia's comb she won't know she's a Claude and keep quiet?!! LOL

  3. Chipmunks are so cute but causes so many problems..We have them out front and I poured castro oil down the holes... We have trails in our front yard.. ARRGh..Not in the back yard as the dogs keep them out of there..

    Dreading the weather this weekend.. Wish it would warm up as my plants are going wild and have to be transplanted again.

    Have a great weekend... stay warm and dry..Lisa

  4. I haven't seen one chipmonk so far! which now that you mentioned it is very odd. Such cute little fellows, but they eat my bulbs! Didn't have near as many tulips this year. Claudia is pretty cute!! Hope she remains herself and not change! What will you do if she turns into Claude?...debbie


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