Thursday, April 28, 2011


Hmm, after writing all that last week, I'm about posted out. That and there's nothing much going on here- much to my great annoyance.  We finally had a day with no rain today.  WOO HOO!  Of course, it is supposed to get down into the mid 30's tonight and over the weekend.  GRRR.   No rain forecast for tomorrow either but thunderstorms on Saturday.  sigh....
I work on Saturday so I'm in the middle of a 6 day stretch.  And work has been emotionally draining this week.  Not the awfulness of the other week- not busy, but just draining.  Since I work in psychiatry, I hear things that people have been through that just break my heart.  Most of the time, I can leave it at work and lose myself in things at home but some this week have stuck with me.  And all this rain and cold weather have deprived me of my garden therapy.
But, in good news for work, we have someone who has accepted the soon-to-be-open position at work.  Unfortunately, she can't start until August so I'm still on hold for my getting to reduce my hours...  While I do really love my job, sometimes I feel that it gets in the way of my life and where I want to go.  But, finances do dictate that I stick around there.
In V's book news, I have been out and about several times with him again recently to take more photos.  That's another thing that the weather hasn't cooperated with.  It's hard to get nice, quality shots of 'haunted' houses when it's raining.  Yesterday, we spent quite a while after work wandering around in a local cemetery looking for a particular headstone. Ah, the things I do for love.  We didn't find it.  V went back to their office today and they couldn't find it it their records either, even though two local historians say that it should be there.    V did manage to get an extension on the image files that were to be done by tomorrow.  He now has until the 13th for the images but still has the manuscript due the end of May.
The chicks are growing huge.  I'll have to take some more photos soon.  Tomorrow we will have had them for 4 weeks.  The others are due to arrive next week.
Speaking of next week, it's going to be crazy busy!  Monday, I have to work, then I'm driving to the Quad Cities to attend my bee keeping class in the evening.  I'm so excited!!  But, I have to drive home and then get up and go to work on Tuesday.  Blah.  However, I have the rest of the week off next week.  Woot!!  Friday is my comp day anyway and I took 2 extra days of vacation.  I'm really hoping the weather cooperates and we're going to build a coop.  And I have about fifty thousand other outside things on my to-do list.
In garden news, I did send an email to Baker Creek Seeds, complaining about the poor germination of the purple tomatillos.  I didn't really want any additional tomatillo seeds so told them that if they wanted to compensate me to surprise me.  So I got an email today telling me to expect a little surprise.  This should be fun.  My other email conversation of the week was with Gurney's.  I had ordered my hardy kiwi vines from them last fall but the female vine didn't overwinter.  So, they are sending me a replacement plant (no charge) that should arrive by mid May.  Not too bad.  Oh, and another thing that doesn't appear to have overwintered (unless they come up really late) are the monarda (bee balm) plants that we started from seed last spring.  They were absolutely gorgeous last year but there is no sign of them this spring yet.  The anise hyssop is up and smelling lovely.  And the coneflowers and blazing star are all looking good.  Who knows.  I won't rip them out yet.
Oh, I almost forgot!!  We have a single little spear of asparagus up!!  We had only one stalk on the entire plant last year.  I don't think I've got it in a very good place.  I really want to get more but I need to find a better home.  This poor little plant has struggled since my parents brought it up to us right after we purchased this place.  You'd think it would have grown a bit in the last two years.  We haven't cut it yet since it is doing so poorly.
Wow, for not much going on, I sure rambled a lot.  Maybe this is my therapy.


  1. So V is writing about haunted places? I love stuff about the "haunted" places and cemeteries!!! How cool! And you work in psychology, a subject close to my heart since I was one year away from being a therapist. I was a rec. therapist at a hospital for awhile and then the secretary there. I have heard alot of stuff too, some has stayed with me to this day. Hang on for the warmer weather and bright, bright sunny days!

  2. You are definitely in need of some rest! My bee balm only came up about 6 weeks ago and it's WARM here, so hopefully yours will soon. Good to hear about Baker Creek, they were good to me, too!

  3. Author- yes, he has a book deal to write about haunted houses in the area. He's running down to the wire for his deadlines and is to have a publication date of Halloween. Somehow fitting. It's been fun to hear all the stories. He is actually writing more about the history of the buildings than the ghost stories but it's fun.
    Erin- I can't wait to see what surprise I get from Baker Creek.

  4. It is so frustrating when the weather doesn't cooperate with our schedules! Working full time focuses everything on the weekends, and we're lucky if we get one good day. But it also makes us super-organized, right?


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