Friday, April 1, 2011

She's a bad influence!

I had today off since I worked last Saturday.  So, among other things, V and I were off running errands.  We stopped at one farm store (a new one that we haven't been to yet) and picked up a few things for the chicks we're expecting.  V was fascinated by the ducklings so maybe we can add a few of those in the future.
We stopped at Jim's house to help him figure out where to put his garden. He bought his house last fall and is a newbie gardener this year.  Hurrah!   I also helped him identify the crocus, tulips and daffodils coming up in his flower bed.
Later, I took J16 off to the fabric store.  She is making her prom dress herself this year and I wanted her to do a trial run on fabric other than the really pretty stuff we got for her dress.  We stopped at the grocery store and while we were on that side of town, we stopped at the other farm store as they are having a sale on chick starter feed this week.
J16 is a bad influence....  look what we did....

 Only 4!  One Buff Orpington (henceforth known as Buffy), one Barred Rock (Micah) and two "rainbow layers" in other words- an assortment.  The one with the stripe is now Claudia and the other one is Edina (or Eddie).
We had all the supplies but didn't have the dog kennel set up yet.  V wasn't too happy with us as we didn't have things set up but it took about 5 minutes to get things ready.   They are still in a box in the middle of the kennel (the kennel is so big I'm afraid they would get lost in it!) and we still need to install the hardware cloth on the outside so kitty paws can't reach them when they are big enough to be out of the box.  So, now, instead of the 8 that we were planning on, we will now have 12.  OOPS!  I did ask at the store about having chicks of different ages (these will be about 4 weeks old when we get our others. She told me there wouldn't be a problem but we should be able to separate them if necessary.
Just so you don't think my entire day was a waste- we did get the cabinets installed in the pantry.  
The drawer base was repurposed from the old island (originally from the basement) and the other was an unfinished cabinet we stained to match.  The cabinet with shelves will hold small appliances like the crockpot, electric skillets and the waffle iron.  And we will probably designate a junk drawer in here.
Now, I've still got bread to bake... but maybe not tonight.  I gotta go look at chicks......


  1. I am so impressed that she is making her own prom dress. Wow. Those chicks are adorable.

  2. Dang, girl...

    And I told myself, NO new chicks this year. But I saw an ad for one of our local farm stores and thought-- I have to stay OUT of there. We have 2 Rhodies, 2 Buff Orps, and 2 Australorps. The Rhodies are old, but the other 4 are laying like a house on fire.

    I, too, am impressed that J16 is making her own dress. You must be proud.

    Happy Spring!! I'm gonna go out and work in the yard a bit this morning....

  3. The pantry cabinets look great. I went to Tractor Supply for rabbit feed and came back with 12 Silver Laced Wyandottes. I went back a week later for layers crumbles and crack corn and came home with 10 Americanas. I quit going to Tractor Supply on Mondays. Tell V that I can see him with a couple ducks though. They're fun to raise and watch.

  4. How cute!! little chicks are so darling and fuzzy and peepy!! lol. I'm sure V was ready to shoot you all when you brought home the Three cheers for J16 for making her Prom Dress! Good for her!!...debbie

  5. LOL, a bad influence indeed! I can't wait to see the prom dress...


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