Saturday, April 16, 2011

Out of room

 I repotted my last little seed starts this afternoon.  Three new varieties of peppers and replants of one tomato, two peppers and my purple tomatillos.  I've generally been happy with all the seeds I've received from Baker Creek but I've had terrible germination with the purple tomatillos I got from them this year.  Even after replanting I've only got two viable seedlings- not that I need that many tomatillos- but it is quite disappointing.
I've run out of room under my lights.  I've got all 9 flats filled!
And this doesn't even count the brassicas that are out in the shop (we moved them from the porch because it is wicked cold and windy). I've even got a flat that is now living on the landing in front of the south door because I don't have room.
Fortunately it's my flat of little romaine that I was planning to set out to harden off soon anyway.
And finally, as promised a while ago, our new basement door.
Much lovelier than the hideous scratched up dutch door that was there previously.
J16 did go visit her new 'employer' this afternoon and is quite excited about the whole business.  Her new boss, Nan, is a newbie blogger.  Check her out at Wapsi-no-noc Gardens!  J16 is excited about all she can learn.  And I'm hoping to learn vicariously.


  1. Your new door is just beautiful!!!! I love glass doors! You sure do have a ton of little plants! Hopefully you'll be able to get them out in May? yes? I can't plant here until about May 7th. Good luck!! ...debbie

  2. Call them - I had that problem with one of the packets of heirloom tomato seeds last year, they sent me replacements and more free seeds :)

    Love that door!

  3. I feel like such a slacker compared to you...but we have been working ion the beds and getting things like that done.


  4. whoa... those seedlings look awesome! Great door too!


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