Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Fab Four at 4 weeks

 The obligatory cute chick photos.  We brought them home April 1 so they are now about 4 weeks old.
Perching practice:
Micah and Claudia hop on the stick we have stuck in the corner of the kennel for them.  They just started this behavior for real this week and I've even caught them sleeping on the perch- oh, they're growing up...

Claudia- isn't she a lovely color, a beautiful rusty red
 Claudia is one of our mystery 'Rainbow Layers'.

Micah- our Barred Rock:

Buffy- the Buff Orpington vampire slayer (or at least boxelder bugs!):

And lastly, Eddie- she looks quite scruffy.
Eddie is kind of a runt.  She seems to be several days in development behind the others- although they were all supposed to be the same age.  She has feathered out in odd patterns and looks pretty rough. Her feathers are actually a lovely chocolaty brown color, much darker than I thought she would be.  She is another mystery 'rainbow layer'.
The chicks hate being photographed- they're camera shy.
The new chicks arrive next week.  We have a May 2 hatch date so I expect them Wednesday- of course, I could be wrong- I've never done this before.


  1. Such'll love the Buff Orpingtons...mine scooch down to be petted and head scratched any time I am near them.

    Today I was sitting out on the front porch in my rocking chair and a hummingbird zipped in, looked at me like, "HEY! Where's the feeder?" and zipped out. I was so excited! I made syrup for them and filled the 2 new feeders and got them up. Within an hour, there were 4 hummers darting in and out.

    It must be spring!

  2. Juvenile cuties! Yep, you better get that coop made LOL!

  3. I love that tweenie age - they're so gawky and all-feet!


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