Friday, September 11, 2009

300 posts and questionable content

This is 300 posts! Who would have thought that I would have so much to say. I'm grateful for everyone who stops in and/or comments. It has been fun to get to know you.
And now for the questionable content. Early this spring my friend Roger was pleased to get some seeds in the mail. He had been trying to order this particular variety of peppers for a few years but the seeds are in limited supply and due to popular demand are evidently hard to get. He gifted me with three seedlings and here is one of the peppers
A Peter, Red- except it isn't red yet!
Mine aren't quite as obscene as the ones I've seen pictures of online. Of course, I'm sure they pick the most questionable ones to photograph for the catalogue. I'm planning to let some ripen and save the seeds- so if you are interested I can send you some. They are definitely a conversation piece! And, a word of warning- they are HOT!!!!


  1. Bless it's little seeds, it sure is an ugly little guy! lol 300 posts is a LOT of posts! We all have enjoyed your writings! Here's hoping there are 300 more!! ...debbie

  2. funny little pepper! congrats on 300 posts!

  3. Ok maybe I have a really dirty mind, but is that pepper a (insert blush here)

    Here's to thousand more!

  4. Congrats on your 300th post! It's been enjoyable getting to know you and your family. I love being allowed a glimpse at different lives. Hope you have many many more posts!
    I'd take you up on the seeds offer, but durn stomach problems don't allow anything hot. But, they sure are a hoot!

  5. Happy 300! And, humm.... that pepper does have the potential to start many a conversation.... what unusual things come from the earth.


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