Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just checking in

Whew! It's been a crazy week. We're getting back into the busy time of year. School activities are in full swing. Last night was particularly wild. Lets see, I get home from work around 4:45, we quickly inhaled burritos (they're one of our quick meal staples here), then I12, K9 and I all rushed off. K and I had to be at his school by 5:30 for back to school night and I12 was along for the ride because he had to be somewhere else by 6:30. We got through back to school night, I signed up for fall and spring conference times, got to chat with his teacher about how he's settling in and finally meet the principal. K's teacher said that it's now hard to tell that he hasn't been with this bunch of kids all along so the transition was pretty seamless. One little girl ran up to us and asked me if I was his mom. When I said yes, she quickly asked why his eyes are different colors. Ha! If only I knew... I told her that's just the way they are- which is true. Anyway, the teachers gave a little talk about the curriculum and expectations and then the children all sang some songs they've been learning in music class. It was really cute, I just wish I'd taken my camera since they had movements that went along with some of them.
We did manage to get I12 to his choir practice by 6:30 (barely). V and J15 were at the other side of town at her violin lesson. After choir, I12 had his confirmation class at church. K hung out with some of his friends there and I got to have my therapy session with the other moms. We've had children in choir together for years and it is a wonderful free-for-all discussion about just about anything. We finally made it home about 8:30. And that's just Wednesday.
But that's our busiest day.
Normally J15's lesson will be on Tuesdays which will slow things down a bit. But generally we have activities 3 nights a week either after school or after dinner. It's taking a bit to adjust this year since living out of town means we need to adjust for travel time. What used to be a 4 minute drive to pick J15 up at the high school is now 15 minutes. We're about 10-15 minutes farther from most of our destinations.
Still no offers on the old house. There will be an open house on Saturday, so maybe, if it isn't raining, I'll try to stop by Saturday morning and weed the flower beds and dust the woodwork. We'll see. We have family pictures taken on Saturday afternoon and I still have to figure out what everyone is wearing.
Oh, the work never ends....


  1. Wow! You are busy! You seem to thrive on it though. I hear the real estate market is picking up. Hope you get an offer soon.

  2. Just reading all that wore me to a frazzel! You're in for a wild year with 3 kids in 3 different schools. Holy Cow! Good Luck!...debbie


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