Thursday, September 3, 2009

Of pots and potatoes

We dug our potatoes this afternoon/evening after I got home from work. All 5 of us went out to grub around in the dirt, some of us more willingly than others. Now is one of those times that I really wish we had a produce scale. We harvested nearly a wagon load of fingerling potatoes. Now to figure out where to lay them out to cure....
Ticket sniffs the Swedish Peanuts
I love our old wagon. V pulled it out of a dumpster when J15 was about 2 years old. It wasn't new but we didn't have a wagon at the time and it has served us well through hauling around 3 children and a host of other duties.
And V had a surprise for me as well:
He hung my pot rack!
You know, sometimes it's the little things that brighten your day.


  1. Three cheers for V for making your day. Haven't heard about fingerling potaotes. What do you do with them? boil em and eat em? or fry em or put them in stews? I'd probably tend to eat them raw. I love raw potatoes!! You sure do have a mess of them. To cure them do you let them dry out some place cool? ...debbie

  2. I don't know what other people do with fingerlings but we usually just boil them whole. They tend to be small and longish and don't even need butter to taste good. I'm guessing I could fry some- or I was thinking maybe parboiled and on the grill. I've never done this before but yes, I understand the curing is in a cool dark, dry place. I've got them laid out on the futon in the guest room in the basement. We put down a sheet of styrofoam insulation as a moisture barrier to protect the futon, covered it with a sheet and spread them out. It's pretty cool in the basement so they should be fine there. I'd put them in the shop but the mice would get into them for sure.

  3. WOW you have a lot of potatoes..grilling potatoes are so good...potato augratin (misspelled) potatoes is another recipe...Isn't it nice not to have rain...Our tomatoes are shot to..UGH but I am also blessed to have what we have. I love the little things my husband does means more to me then all the jewelry...give me crafts and I'm in heaven..Lisa

  4. I adore fingerling potatoes! Yum. Gorgeous with butter and a little parsley.

    Beautiful pot rack too.

  5. Great harvest! I roast fingerlings along with tiny carrots and other small root veg and onion. They are so sweet and get nice and crisp on the outside. Delicious. Keep us posted on the curing - that seems like the daunting part.

  6. I've never tried the fingerlings. I might give them a shot next year.
    It's always NEXT YEAR with gardening , isn't it!

  7. Our Rose Finn fingerlings are almost gone already! So yummy with a little butter, parsley & salt! Love the pot rack! Now you have a place to tie off some garlic braids and hang them!

  8. That's too bad about your tomatoes - I need to go out and pick more yet again this afternoon. THe potatoes look yummy.

  9. That's how I cure mine. I put them in a cool dark and dry place. I just boil the small ones and mash them or boil them and then brown them in butter with a little black pepper and salt.

    I love the pot hanger. I need to put one up for my wife. I hope she don't read this post or it may be sooner than later. :)

  10. I've never had fingerling potatoes, but they look good. Reading what everyone else has said about them makes me hungry. They sound delicious.


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