Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Wall-It begins...

Today we began work on 'the wall'. This is the exterior wall on the South side of the house, where the addition is joined onto the rest of the house, right over the South deck, at the top of the basement stairs. We've known that it had water damage for a while and have been waiting to make repairs. We took down the drywall a while ago, when we were doing basement demolition so it has been bare studs on the interior for a while.
The door to the left goes onto the deck. The door frame straight ahead is the original back door to the house, to the right (out of frame) is the pantry, built over where the original basement stairs were before the addition. The old door frame prevents the South door from opening all the way. So, while we're doing demolition, we're going to fix that....
What's left of the door sill- mostly rotted.
Water damaged siding by the deck
Our temporary patch this spring to keep birds out.
The hole we patched was rotted due to poor guttering where the house and addition meet. There was evidently a leak there for a while that someone then put a 'bandaid' on but didn't really fix it. There were all sorts of critters entering the house through that hole and we're guessing through the rotted wood in the mudsill that we won't get to until tomorrow.
Water damage and rot on the sheathing
V takes out the old door frame
Behind the blue sheet behind him is the pantry. We covered it with a sheet to keep to try to keep down the dust. I'm not sure how successful we were. After the doorway was down, we pulled out the ceiling at the top of the stairs to see where some wiring went. There is a light fixture at the top of the stairs but it isn't connected to anything. Go figure.
Ruined insulation and birds nests from above the ceiling. Yuck!
Oops. You're not supposed to be able to see daylight from the inside!
But, the door opens all the way now!
After lunch, we will make the trip to get the lumber and supplies we will need to tackle the rebuild and then tomorrow we will start from the outside and work our way in. EEEK!

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