Saturday, September 12, 2009

A day in photos

The pantry is filling up! Yeah!!

Pies baking for an event on Sunday.

An evening bonfire.

Hubbard squash or alien pod?

Spaz makes himself at home.
Spiced pears in WWII jars!
It was a busy day here. I spent time this morning at a seed saving workshop. I didn't learn much I didn't already know but I got some seeds for next year's garden. I got some Scarlet Nantes carrots, some Delicata squash, Jacob's cattle beans and best of all, some Jeune Flamme heirloom tomato seeds. I also started the fermentation process for 4 other varieties of tomatoes, including my super secret Campbell's tomatoes.
I actually got a few more tomatoes harvested from the garden. We were finally going to get around to pulling up the vines and V noticed that there were tomatoes that were ripe that didn't look affected by the blight so I went out and got a few more. I managed to get 5 quarts from what I got from my Mom last weekend so we're doing well on the tomato front.
Tomorrow is another busy day with some church activities in the morning and a baby shower for a co-worker in the afternoon. We purchased some tulip and daffodil bulbs so I need to get those in the ground soon.


  1. What gorgeous pictures!

    I love all that storage you have put away. You will be so glad when winter is apon you all, but I am sure you know that already.

  2. I want everything in your pantry and that lovely squash! Wow, I wish I had to green thumb!

  3. Woo-hoo!! Seeing the pantry fill up is very reassuring. I'm in the same mode with all this canning, sometimes I've even (shhh) lined them all up (including the ones done a few weeks ago) just to see them there together, and get the sense that yes, there is a dent being made in it and I'll be well fed with goodies this winter.

    Question for you: How sturdy do you need the shelves to be? I'm currently wrestling with this problem. I had been storing the jarred goods in my kitchen cabinets, which are pretty sturdy, but... do they need to go somewhere else? I was thinking pantry, which is large, but not sure if the racks are sturdy enough. So for now they are all on these stainless steel stand-alone shelves (that the manufacturer claims can hold 250 lbs total). But really, if the jars can be stored in the pantry, that would make for easier access etc....

    The small jars (jelly, etc) are still in the kitchen cabinets, but the big ones can get heavy all together. What do you do?

  4. Mangochild- Full canning jars are pretty heavy. Most of the jars currently in my pantry will be moved downstairs into the 'food room' onto shelves that V built for me a few years ago (sized to fit pints and quarts!). My pantry was built into the house and seems pretty sturdy. You could probably go with the stainless shelves. I had steel shelves that I used for while before V built me mine but I was always paranoid and filled it from the bottom up so they wouldn't have as far to fall if it collapsed. I'm much more confident with the wooden ones V built and reinforced heavily.
    Mo- the leaves are starting to change- winter will be upon us before we know it.
    Krys- You can learn to have a green thumb. Start out small with something you like. Herbs or a tomato in a pot. Trust me, your green thumb will blossom.

  5. What wonderful pics-I love the bounty of fall. And the pies-oh the pies!! We have to rely on Village Inn for pie right now. Your photo makes me want to go home and bake!!!!!!

  6. Goodness! You've been one busy girl. It feels so good, though, to see all your hard work lined up like that.

  7. Looks good. You have been some busy I'd say!

  8. soooo jealous of your pantry!!! I can't wait to have a basement someday with shelving!


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