Sunday, September 27, 2009


Hooray! We finished putting up the siding this afternoon. So now, except for staining the siding and adding a few trim pieces, the South wall repair is finished!
V holds while I drive in a few nails.
It was a lovely warm day to be working outside.
J15 had fun with the camera.
Now to put the deck back on....
but not this weekend.
We had a lovely time out last night. Camelot was wonderful. The community theatre group did a fabulous job. I had forgotten what a dark ending the King Arthur tale has- but they had fun with it nonetheless. We did go out to dinner before the show. We went to one of the nicer restaurants downtown, V had local grassfed beef, I had definitely non-local shrimp with lobster mousse- but they were served with local veggies.
All in all, a good weekend but it feels like I didn't get anything accomplished. Except for siding, that is.


  1. Things are certainly coming along nicely. I know ya'll will be glad to have it finished.

    ~Mrs. M

  2. You DID get something done Judy. You took time out for yourself and took time out to enjoy each other's company with out a hammer, nails or crowbar. That's just as important as getting a project started or finished....debbie

  3. Oh it looks good! So glad you had a good time at the theater

  4. You are going to be so glad you got so much accomplished come winter! You won't have to spend months thinking about it! Your evening out sounds wonderful, good for you spending time with your husband - my hubby and I actually spent the other night in our backyard around a campfire WITHOUT the kids, what a novel idea, wine instead of juice boxes and marshmallows, lol!

  5. Doing some catch up reading on your blog. Yeah.....a night out. Those are far and few inbetween here too. Cute pic of you working!


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