Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nearly done

It was another busy day here. I feel so sorry for V. He ended up doing most of the work today. I'm a good helper but I'm really not knowledgeable about framing or installing windows. We didn't quite finish. It was getting late and exhaustion was setting in so we didn't get the new siding on the house. But...
We have a wall and a window!
With Tyvek over the outside!
V hopes to do some work on the basement bathroom window sometime soon- actually putting a window back in where it has been boarded over. But this won't be tomorrow. The poor guy is exhausted and sore. But I'm so proud of him. I'm forever amazed at what he can accomplish when he puts his mind to it.
But the day wasn't all about walls and windows.
Just when I thought it was safe to stop canning....
I wandered through the garden this afternoon. My Polish Linguisa tomatoes, while they took a hit from the blight, never actually died and many of the tomatoes are still good. And my peppers are going strong. I see salsa in my near future- which is OK since we eat a lot of salsa in our house.
Look what the parking lot fairies brought me!
And this morning- I dropped Ian off at church (everyone else was working on the house but he had a class he needed to be at) and I ran some errands. As I got out of the car at one stop, I noticed these laying on the pavement in an empty parking space: A pair of pot holders, tags still attached. And of course, being the perennial scrounge that I am, I picked them up. They were damp with the dew so had evidently been there for a while. So, now I have something new for the kitchen.


  1. Hooray for having a window. Must feel good to be so close to the end. And you know, even if you feel like you aren't doing as much as V on this part of the house, I'm sure you're doing plenty that he doesn't. You both contribute a lot - to your family *and* community!

  2. Your family has more energy than the average 5 families. I can't believe at how much work you've gotten done these last few months.

  3. Can I come live with you? LOL I want all those fresh veggies! Congrats on the new window! Nothing better than to look out at the beautiful nature that you are surrounded with!-

  4. V must be one handy man!! I agree with Ed, you guys have more enegry than most!! I love lots of windows! What color is your new siding?...debbie


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