Thursday, September 17, 2009

And then it got interesting....

Well, the morning went well, we got almost our supplies for tomorrow. And then we took up a few planks on the deck for access to the side of the house and weren't pleased with what we found.
More rot and...
The deck is bolted into the rotted mudsill. And we discovered that many of the supports for the deck are bad, soooo....
We're deconstructing the deck.
Ok, this is something we had planned to do at some point, just not today. Our ultimate plan is to put a wrap-around deck all around the addition, with the basement door coming out underneath it. The children worked hard when they got home from school. It's a good thing it was Thursday early release day and they were all home by about 3 pm.
Pulling up planks. At least we can deconstruct fairly easily.
Eeew, rot.
Any ideas on what kind of apple?
But on a better note, I picked a few apples off the tree today. This one was HUGE! That's a quarter beside it. And Oh, it was tasty! And for an organic apple, it was beautiful! But we have no idea what kind it is. So, if anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Otherwise, we will just enjoy our no-name apples.


  1. (((hugs))) for all the demolition you are doing. Just keep looking at the end of the tunnel when you can sit and enjoy your home.. Of course you guys will find more things to work on. I thought taking out our split rail fencing was hard..But looking at all you have done the fence is nothing...I'm praying for your guys strength...Lisa

  2. Look at a Wolf River apple. They are HUGE!

  3. Jenn- definitely NOT a McIntosh- My parents have those in their orchard and I know them well. It's not nearly perfumey enough to be one. Fuji- I don''t know.
    Lisa- Thanks. We'll need all the good thoughts we can get at this point.
    Clink- I'm not familiar with Wolf River. Not all the apples are as huge as the one pictured. It tastes slightly familiar but I can't place it. It wasn't a heavy bearer- but then I don't know if it was just the year or if it's the fact that it doesn't have another tree for a pollinator.
    The mystery deepens....

  4. Not good news on the deck...but at least tearing down in an easy job.

    Not sure on the apple but it does look magnificent!

  5. Pink Lady or Fuji would be my guess.

  6. I'm not sure about the apple, but it looks delicious.
    Goodluck with the latest project!

  7. Have you ever noticed when you do demolition you always get more than you bargained for. I hope the rebuild goes smoothly for you. I think the apple is maybe a Fuji or a pink lady. I just read your post about the public transportation and I think that many of today youths have a huge lack of respect for anyone or anything. I wasn't raised like that and I will not raise my children to be like that. I think a lot of today's problem is a lack of parenting.


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