Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Quiet time

I'm having trouble finding time for quiet time in my life. It seems that everything has been moving and shaking for so long that I have almost forgotten how to have down time...almost. Tonight I have given myself permission to have a 'night off'. Oh, I ran to two grocery stores (regular and co-op) after picking Justine up from Art club, did a bit of wandering/picking in the garden (Darn, those little nettles seem more vicious than they did in the spring!), talked to Roger for a while and made dinner. But then, I gave myself permission to have some computer time, do some reading and dreaming of gardens to come.
I'm plotting and planning an herb garden, a few raised beds here and there, contemplating a trellis for Hardy Kiwi that I'm considering for next year and thinking about how to modify the rail fence that separates the yard from the pasture (that I'd like to put to better use in the future- think aforementioned trellis). I've got tomatoes and pears getting squishy in the kitchen and tomorrow night I'm off and running with I12.
I'm hoping to have Thursday and Friday off so V and I can tackle repairs on the South exterior wall. That is going to be a major undertaking so I'm resting up a bit. Plus, after as bad as I felt on Monday due to sugar overload, I've been watching carefully what I eat today and already feel better. But I'm still really tired. I think the combination of burning the candle at both ends for several months and sugar overload has really burned me out. It's off to bed early again for me tonight with a bit more reading - well, maybe pretending to read while I actually fall asleep and drool on the pillow....


  1. The last sentence had me smiling because that is almost always how I end up! It seems that attempts at "leisure" ends up as "naptime" :-) An herb garden, go for it!
    I think you definitely need some time for yourself (quiet or not) - after all the running around and stress, it's just time, you know? Sort of that the body keeps going as far as it needs to for all those months, and then when there is a bit of a let-up (comparatively speaking) it hits hard how tired one is. Hope you get that time soon.

  2. Let me know how that "finding quiet time" goes... I too, am searching for a way to fit it all in! You may want to try squash on your fence next year, I put it on my wire fencing this year as an afterthought, and it turned out beautifully! The long gourds and huge leaves look so pretty and do a great job of filling up the space and creating a "wall"... although in fall it will return to a plain old fence, lol!

  3. Well I am not surprised you have been feeling tired! It makes me feel tired just reading about all that you do Judy. It is very important to get some down time. Most evenings, by the time the girls are in bed, dinner cleared away, lunches made, etc, etc I go to bed, and read and relax, and plan, and I really relish those moments. Thinking of which, I can't wait for his evening!


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