Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The canning fires of Mordor

Well, maybe not that bad but that's what V has started calling it. It's been another after work canning marathon this evening. I've got the last batch processing now. That will make it 6 pints of salsa and 10 quarts, 2 pints of tomato sauce for the evening. Yeah, I've got over my goal. And there are still lots of tomatoes out there. And since it's dried out (Thank you!!!) the creeping rot has slowed down. I'm up to 35 quarts total now, close to the 40 I did a few years ago that seemed to be about the right number for us. But a few extra never hurt anyone- especially since I12 has turned into an eating machine, seemingly overnight. I hate to see how much he's going to pack away in a few years- EEK, I'd better up production next year just to keep up with him.
Oops, I hear my timer calling.
Good night!


  1. Growing boys are murder on a food budget. Wait till he's 16....the grocery bill will double. No, I'm not kidding. Can, girl, can!! If you thought 40 quarts of tomatoes was enough a few years back, double that with teenage boys!

  2. I remember friends at that age eating everything in sight, and needing more! Glad the weather dried out, and you can save your tomatoes.

  3. Your freezer is full but so is your canning room!! I agree with Sue, they eat anything that's not nailed or locked down! Just something to look forward too Judy!...debbie

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  5. Thanks for your comments. By the time he is 16, I'll have another teenage boy to feed! Good thing we have more land now. But the tomatoes- I was going to comment here but I'll just write a post about what's happened.

  6. I love the title!

    By the way, my anti-spam word is "driest." I'm taking that as a good omen both for your garden and mine in mildew-ridden New England.


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