Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Will it or won't it?

Frost that is. We've got a frost advisory tonight. We spent time this evening bringing in all the houseplants. When we moved in July, we just parked them all under the big tree in the backyard and didn't think about them. But suddenly, we needed to find homes for them all inside. AACK. They will need rearranged to make things a bit more manageable but they're all in. Most of these are plants that we have 'acquired' over the years. Some have been gifts (usually when someone was moving), some pulled out of dumpsters, the grapefruit trees that sprouted on the edge of the compost pile and are now 5 feet tall, spider plants that each child received in school from their 3/4 grade teacher during the science unit on growing things- you know- we acquire plants.
K9 is actually excited that he has our venerable jalapeno in his room. We've had that pepper plant for about 4 years now and it has really done well. We planted in a huge pot and just move it in and out with the weather. It is loaded with peppers right now although it lost 4 or 5 during the move inside.
I was hoping to get out to the garden and pick a few more peppers but I ran out of time. I'm hoping that since we're up on a hill that we'll be safe but the garden got hit with that late frost this spring. We'll see. It will do what it does and I can't stop it.


  1. In my experience at the mountain Home, the hill is the most likely place for frost. Our house is in a little valley and lots of time we are spared. It was only 54 here today. Right now I've got my winter robe on and am chilly...and my red and white fuzzy slippers!! I'm not ready for this!!!! and it's supposed to be chilly all week. Bummer....debbie

  2. Hope everything survives OK in the frost!

  3. I received a Mother-In-Law's Tongue shoot from my fifth grade teacher. A quarter century later, I still have that plant and it has procreated several more plants that have been given to others. My mom still has a spider plant that she got the day I was born.

  4. We seemed to have avoided frost! Hooray. But it was darn chilly this morning.
    Don't you just love it when all the houseplants have a story behind them? I'll be honest, I have a couple that I wish would just die- but they still keep going- and I don't have the heart to let them sit out and get hit by the frost.

  5. I SHOULD make one more foray for paste tomatoes - we'll see if I get that far....


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