Wednesday, September 9, 2009

She said what???

Today over at Homemakers Who Work it's something a little different.
My darling daughter is doing a guest post... she claims to not be normal and that it's my fault.... Hmmm.... check it out to see what she says about me. I'm evidently not always sweetness and light.


  1. Your daughter's post is great! It gives my soul a lift to know there are teenagers out there who really do appreciate their parents & what they do for them!

  2. Judy, I really enjoyed your daughters post. She sounds like a wonderful "not normal" girl to me. One who, because of her parents, is trying lots of different things that will enrich her life. So nice to be able to feel the love she has for you and her dad. It ooozes from her writing. You must be proud mom!!!...debbie


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