Monday, September 21, 2009

Musings about eating well

That's my topic today at Homemakers Who Work. Now it's back to work so I can rest ;-)


  1. Judy... I don't know you ... but I love ya, Girlfriend!!!

    I too, see Jessica's and Mary's behavior everyday. I literally saw a gal complain about no grocery money --pick up the phone and ordered a pizza, pop, and bread sticks!

    We need to get people to "connect the dots".

    Thanx for helping the cause.


  2. People are always shocked when I tell them that we never use coupons. When I tell them that the foods we buy never have coupons, their reactions range from more shock to just bafflement.

    It is my turn for shock when I get up to the checkout lane behind someone with a cart full of twinkies, chips, pop, hamburger helper, macaroni and cheese, etc. Occasionally someone will have a vegetable but it will be in canned or frozen form. Better than nothing but still terrible compared to the fresh stuff you can buy as cheap in the first aisle.


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