Sunday, October 24, 2010

Construction update- Girl power!

I've promised a construction update with pictures. V's hand is better today than it was but he still can't do any heavy labor. He tried today to drive in a few screws and found it quite painful. Of course, will he listen to anyone about going to the doctor? Of course not.
First, a few "not new" developments in the basement.
The glass block wall section.
This is the wall between the rumpus room and the room that will eventually be a bar/summer kitchen (maybe). There are no windows in the rumpus room and this will allow some natural light to enter the room from the south window near by. The other room- not even started yet, has lots of cabinets and counter space as it had been the lab in the old animal hospital. There is even plumbing for a sink although there isn't a sink there. That room is a project for another time- currently those counters and cabinets are tool and supply storage for the renovation.
One corner of V's study/work room.
There are built in shelves in this room as well as his work table and the door into the well room.
But, on to today's progress. Today was the day of the girls. Since V was laid up with his hand injury, he was relegated to supervising, giving advice, taking photos and measuring.
Measuring for the last piece on the west wall.
J16 is quite enthusiastic about being the "mapper"-
writing down measurements so we can cut accurately.
J16 and I cut the last piece of the day.
I got to use the big drill. Oooo...
K10 posed as "screw boy".
I think he has NO idea how funny that name is!
Our progress for the day.
We got the West wall hung and most of the North wall insulated (for soundproofing). Tomorrow will see completion of the dry wall on the North wall and maybe a few other bits. Then, all that is left is flooring. We have decided that we won't get the entertainment center and built-in shelves completed before the couch arrives but they are on the opposite end of the room.
We did get out this afternoon and pay off the balance on the couch, make a run for more insulation and dry-wall screws and stop at the grocery store.
Now, it's about time to watch Sherlock Holmes on PBS. Gotta run- time for family night.


  1. Wow you girls did a wonderful job with the drywall.... I hope that V's hand gets better quite!

  2. Way to go Judy! Glad to hear V's hand is improved..

  3. I love days when all the family work to get stuff done. We had one ourselves today too. Fun times that remind me of helping my beloved dad as a little girl. It all looks marvelous Judy!

  4. Hope V's hand gets better soon! I love the glass block treatment. You are making great progress!

  5. LOL A family that works and plays together, stays together. Love K10's new handle!! lol How funny!! He's a cute little fella! You girls did do a GREAT JOB!! Just goes to show you how great the female really is! So Versitile!!! I like the glass wall too! neat idea...debbie

  6. screw boy.... LMAO! That's too funny! You guys are all really making a lot of progress and with marriage intact, good job!


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