Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sunny Saturday

Oh, it was a gorgeous day here in Eastern Iowa. The sun was shining brightly and it was HOT- 87 F was the warmest I saw it, but I didn't keep close tabs on the temperature. It was a beautiful day to be working outside. Of course, I didn't get as much accomplished as I wanted but that's typical. I did manage to get several things crossed off my list today.
I did get the female kiwi planted and mulched. Poor little thing, it looks so forlorn. Hopefully it's mate will arrive soon. We worked and worked, outside and in, until the sun was setting.
The sunset over the pole barn- look at all those jet trails!!
The orchard with new deer nets up.
V and I did get the deer fence up around the trees. We drove three t posts and made a triangle of the net/fence around each tree. We used fine meshed nylon(?) netting 7 feet high that is designed to keep out deer. It is so fine it is hard to see and I'm worried that it will also act like a net for birds. We'll have to keep our eyes on it. Or maybe tie little reflectors or something onto it so it will be more visible. Since it is small mesh, it should also help discourage rabbits. It will also help protect the trees from sledders, especially since we were volunteered to host another sledding party this coming winter. Everyone had such fun last year they want to do it again.
V relaxing on the deck at the end of the day.
I really like this photo of him.
I didn't get the garden cleared off but I've still got time. Those pumpkin vines aren't going anywhere. The only other thing on my list for the weekend is to make pear chutney. I've still got tomorrow- we'll see how it goes. Unfortunately, we have several other events taking up time so I'll have to work smart tomorrow.
There is a sustainability rally downtown tomorrow afternoon that I'd like to get to if I have time. And then on Wednesday, Bill McKibben will be speaking. Too much fun.

Tomorrow is 10-10-10. Have fun.


  1. I had no idea you could buy 7 foot netting. Learn something new everyday! Hope it works! They can jump pretty high! The weather was beautiful here too! Our last week of warm weather so they say. Today will be 85...debbie

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