Monday, October 11, 2010

A typical Monday night

As usual, we had a late dinner, with J16 at orchestra rehearsal from 530 to 7. I had to get up and go back to work today... Rough after a 5 day stretch of being off. Fortunately, it was a rather slow day at work so I could ease back into the swing of things.
Per my Monday norm, I'm doing my IDC update. I'll try to keep it brief because I'm tired.
1. Plant something- My female Hardy Kiwi. Still no word on the shipment of the male. Who knows.
2. Harvest something- hmm, I actually don't think I've got anything other than a couple of random tomatoes.
3. Preserve something- no again. I was hoping to get the pear chutney done this weekend but the pears are still a bit hard. This variety from my parents tends to go from hard to rotten in about 3 minutes so I've got them in the fridge drawer to help keep them longer. While not preservation of food, we set up the deer nets to preserve our little orchard from the hungry deer this winter.
4. Waste not- Nothing much more than the usual.
5. Want not- got some black beans, golden raisins and a couple of other things at Stringtown (the Amish bulk store in Kalona).
6. Build community food systems- picked up local cheese and eggs in Kalona. I'm also working to try to set up a time for one of the psych residents to come to pick up another couple of pumpkins.
7. Eat the food- made a yummy pureed veggie soup for J16 this weekend that V and I also enjoyed. Some more stuffed peppers, local eggs and cheese, Mmmm...
Now, to help V work on the final wall. There is one short section and then we have two decorative half walls- we'll be using glass block for one of them. Then, I'm off to bed.

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  1. Guess the kids have to eat something right after school or they don't get to eat until late! That certainly is a long practice. Three cheers for V for working so hard to get the basement finished! He reminds me of Granny's Pa lol...debbie


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