Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mixed emotions

V and I just returned from a lecture by writer and environmentalist Bill McKibben. I must say that I'm having mixed emotions at the moment.
First, I was feeling amazement. The lecture started at 7. The doors of the theater where it was held opened at 6:30. We arrived at about 6:32 to find the line to get in stretched almost 2 blocks. AMAZING!! There was some fun with others standing in line, wondering if we would make the cut- being a block and a half into the line. We made it. We were sitting in the nose-bleed section of the balcony, but we made it.
Then came the lecture. First, it was quite depressing, he gave facts and figures about climate change that hit too close to home. Then, things became a bit more hopeful as he talked about the global effort to raise awareness and combat climate change. He showed pictures from all over the world of the rallies that had taken place on Sunday- 10/10/10- the climate work party. It was inspiring.
Then things got a bit depressing again. He was driving home the point that we can do everything right- we can change every light bulb in our house, cut our carbon emissions, eat locally- all those things that we've been working to do- and it still won't matter if changes aren't made on a larger scale (think national or better yet global). And even worse, even if we can make enough changes to bring down the CO2 level in the atmosphere, it may be too late and the earth we know may be a thing of the past and we will need to learn how to live and survive in the brave, new world we are creating.
He did a lot to push political activism, hoping that if enough voices are heard, that maybe some of the powers that be may take notice. I'm off to check out the organization he started. Why don't you come along... we can all get depressed and inspired and amazed and maybe even hopeful together.


  1. So glad you got to hear him speak and so much what I feel on a day to day basis! Activism has to be the way forward. Lets go my friend! :)

  2. Mo, I'm glad we got in. I read this morning that all 700 seats were filled and they turned over 200 more people away at the door. Truly amazing.

  3. I'll check it out! Glad you were able to brave the crowd to hear the lecture.

  4. Glad you were 2 of the 700 seats. Nice to know that there were so many interested in the lecture. I'm afraid he's right however, what we do as "the people" will hardly scratch the surface. But every little bit counts. It's the large manufactoring plants all over the globe and car emissions that need to be addressed. And with Governments taking over that part, it's a joke. They move to slow....debbie

  5. I saw on TV that white house is going Solar, I know its a small gesture and the big changes we need are not coming nearly fast enough, but it is encouraging to see people who can make a difference paying attention. Call me optomistic but I think we might actually save ourselves in the long run. Thank you so much for your comments on my blog.

  6. We saw him speak a few years ago. We just do our part & try to effect change where we can. Collectively, we can make some difference, even if we can't change the world.


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