Friday, October 29, 2010

NOW it really looks like a room!

We had our delivery this morning. It's beautiful!!
In Chili Pepper Red.
It fits just like the room was designed around it ;)
Oh, yeah, it was....
The master craftsman takes a well deserved lie down!
We hope to finish the other end of the room soon. That's the end with the built-in entertainment center and bookshelves. I can't wait to have family movie night on the new couch. WOOT!
There is still a lot of work that needs done before the room is completely finished- but that can be said about most of the house.

We did have our killer freeze this morning. It was down to 25*F out there. So, the 2010 garden is officially done. Time to start planning for next year....
Tonight, V and I leave the children at home and head to Clinton for dinner. One of his high school friends, who now lives in suburban DC, is in Eastern Illinois to meet with a client (she is a professional copywriter who has subcontracted work to V in the past) so it was decided to meet midway for dinner. It should be fun.


  1. Your new couch is just beautiful - such a great color, too.

    We had a killing frost here this week, too, but I still have my tomatoes covered with frost blankets so they made it...

    Enjoy your dinner out!

  2. Looks great! And still room to do the slippety slide on the new floor! (see all I can think about lately is SOCKS) LOL

  3. Very nice! That floor just "floors" me --I love it! And the color of that couch is beautiful. You guys did a great job (as usual!!)

  4. Very pretty! You guys do good work

  5. Hi! I've been thinking of you this week - remember last winter when I was trying to buy the foreclosed farmhouse? Well, we finally got it! Our offer was accepted yesterday.
    I'm scared to death, we'll be in the same 2-mortgage situation you were in last year!
    Luckily, my in-laws will rent ours until it sells, but we need to get the farmhouse in livable condition first which may not happen until spring! Talk me down! Lol. :-)

  6. Couch color is fantastic!! I love red anything!! ...debbie

  7. Beautiful couch! The red really makes the room. V does deserve a rest. Great job!

  8. I think we just purchased that exact couch, only in chocolate brown, lol.


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