Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

I don't care if you celebrate Halloween, All Hallows Eve or Samhain. I hope you all had a blessed day.
Here are some photos of our day. Well, photos of the children enjoying the day.
Ooo, pumpkin guts....
K10 learns the way of the drill to make holes in his pumpkin.
J16's creation.
They are strategically placed to be visible from the road.
We got exactly 2 trick or treaters. Oh, well....
J16 ditched her planned costume and went as a raver
glow sticks and glitter are great things.
I13 as a construction worker
considering how long they have been working on the highway, this was probably the scariest costume out there tonight.
He collected candy in a traffic cone!
K10 went as "Hank the janitor"
All the costumes were no cost and ready in about 5 minutes.
My kind of costumes.
Ooo... scary
K10's is bottom left- pumpkin with shotgun blast to the face.
Only a 10 year old....
Look at that haul-
Sugar rush- here we come...


  1. Had to laugh at K10's shot gun blast pumpkin! lol. Looks like your kids had a great time....debbie

  2. I haven't had a trick-or-treater in all my adult life. I've always lived in the middle of nowhere, but that doesn't stop me from STOCKING UP ON CANDY!!! LOL!

  3. A "raver", that made me laugh! And bonus, you could put your son straight to work on the house in that getup!

  4. My 11 yr old son went as a Blues Brother in his suit we had to get him for his brother wedding. Just had to buy a hat!

    trick or treaters... I've got you way beat! Just for fun we counted as we usually have a lot, 198!!!! I'm known as the muffin lady in our neighbourhood as I always give out homemade muffins and cookies. Our Halloween 'clientele' has grown phenomenally over the years!

    BTW, American living in small town in England. Halloween is gradually becoming more popular over here... Yay!

    Love your kids costumes. My fav costumes are inventive!

  5. Erin- I think i scared quite a few parents with young children... they had very shocked looks on their faces. I think being covered in glitter with smearing eye makeup was a bit much.


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