Friday, October 8, 2010

Random images

I had an appointment this morning in the eye clinic so I can get my next year's supply of contact lenses. I had my eyes dilated, which I hate, and it messed up my day. We are having near record warm temps (after the frosts of the weekend!) with temps in the 80's this afternoon. And I couldn't stand to be outside since it was too bright- even with sunglasses! I did get some cleaning and sorting done inside but I really wanted to be outside working. Grrr.
J16 seems to be doing well but we let her stay home from school again today so she could take her pain meds and rest up. She is still on soft foods and is anxious for "real" food.
Since I have nothing much to post about, I thought I'd share some random pictures of the past few days.
The Black Pearl Peppers in the Goth Garden escaped the frost.
Isn't it just the coolest thing ever?!
I love Asters, even though many people think of them as weeds.
Our compost surprise.
Marigolds near the pile where we composted the leaves and clippings from our old house last fall, volunteer seedlings from our old house.
The Moulin Rouge sunflower is still blooming- although they are small flowers now.
Ugh, Boxelder bugs are gathering again.
Not as many asian lady bugs as last year...yet.
My Kiwi arrived today- but only the female.
The male will ship separately.
Are they afraid of what will go on in the box???
A sunny day on the farm.
The leaves are starting to change.
Off exploring, but not visible in the picture are K10, I13 and his friend Nikki who came over after school today for a while.
I can't believe I've been home for three days and don't feel like I've accomplished anything. We did pick up fence posts for putting up the deer fence around the apple trees so we will probably be doing that tomorrow. I also hope to get some of the garden cleared out. We are forecast for upper 80's and sun for tomorrow. That's almost too hot!
I hope you are all having a great weekend.

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  1. Hopefully you will be able to enjoy the beautiful weather, great photos!


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