Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A sigh of relief

V had his repeat MRI this morning and then we met again with the neurosurgeon. The news is good. The problematic area of his brain doesn't show any changes on the MRI since the last one a few months ago. The final radiology report isn't in yet, but considering the experience of the neurosurgeon, I trust his judgement on this. So, it looks like V just has some congenital structural abnormalities in his brain and not a tumor. Woo Hoo! We were both breathing easier this afternoon.
After his appointments we drove to Kalona and stopped at Stringtown Grocery, the Amish bulk store. Of course, they were out of the two things I really wanted (oatmeal and currants) but I was able to pick up a few other things we needed (black beans, peppercorns, etc). We also stopped at the cheese factory next door. Sadly, Wednesday is the day they do their cleaning so weren't making cheese today. I always love watching through the windows as the cheese curds are stirred.
Home again, we had lunch at almost 1:30 and both promptly fell asleep. I think we both finally relaxed and we slept until K10 came home from school shortly after 3:30. So, I didn't get anything accomplished today. But, a day of rest can be a good thing.
Tomorrow J16 gets her wisdom teeth out bright and early in the morning. I'm hoping it will go well but the lower ones are pretty impacted already so send positive thoughts her way. We've got yogurt, cottage cheese and applesauce ready for her and she is still requesting homemade pureed veggie soup.

V is in the process of moving his desk into his new workroom this evening so maybe I can get my new freezer installed this week and sort the freezer. One more thing to add onto the list. I've got a list a mile long of things I want to get done in the next few days. Wish me luck.


  1. How wonderful that there is no tumor!! GREAT NEWS!! and as for going home and sleeping the afternoon away...getting rid of all that stress was the best thing you could have done! Good for you! Will be sending positive thoughts to J16 starting early in the morning! I hope she won't be in too much pain. I never had wisdom teeth. Either did my dad or sister. Lucky us! ...debbie

  2. Brain abnormalities??? Don't ALL men have these???
    Just kidding. Wonderful news about V. I can only imagine how relieved you must feel!

  3. LOL, Sue! I had great pleasure in reassuring him that now I KNOW that there's nothing in his brain. Of course he countered with the fact that we have now seen the images to prove that he DOES have a brain.

  4. Thinking about your daughter this morning and thinking positive thoughts for her. I just dred the after part for her....eeeek...debbie

  5. So happy for the great results! Hope J16 had a easy surgery this morning.


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