Sunday, October 10, 2010

They got talent!

This afternoon was the 7th annual talent and art show at our church. It was fun, as usual, with children and adults sharing their gifts. I took along an unfinished quilt top, just for show and tell. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to finish it soon.
I13 played a piece on his euphonium
J16 on the violin.
K10 decided this afternoon that he had no talent and just wanted to watch. That's OK.
My friend Deb played the dulcimer.
In addition to the talent show, there was also an art show with everything from fingerpainting to water colors and bead work to cake decorating. The art show was a silent auction with all the proceeds going to the local homeless shelter.
J16 won the bid on a giant cupcake decorated by another friend, Tammy.
The girls with her are the children of my friend Debbie (different one from the dulcimer player). Their older sister, Cassie, was one of J16's best friends when she was small but was killed in an accident at age 8. It was a tough time for all but J16 has stayed close to the little sisters. I've posted before about the annual mitten drive held in Cassie's honor.

I also won a bid on earrings made by Deb (dulcimer player)
They are from one of her first forays into polymer clay.
I have a thing for trees ;)
And no one else had bid on them and they looked so lonely.
All in all, it was a great afternoon. I didn't get down to the sustainability rally- the talent show took longer than I anticipated.
But, we did get the final big wall (11 ft section) framed and up in the basement this afternoon/evening. There is only one short section and two sections of decorative half wall to go and the framing is all complete!! It's coming along!! Maybe we will have that room done by the time the couch arrives at the end of the month.


  1. Looks fun! I'm laughing at K10 "deciding he had no talent" LOL!

  2. How nice to have such talented children and what a nice fund raiser! I think I remember you posting about this last year? or perhaps something similar. I liked the ear rings. cute! I'm with K-10, I have no talent either. But he may develop something by next year, never can tell!! ...debbie


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