Saturday, October 23, 2010

Set backs

We've had a slow down on basement progress. Sigh. V hurt himself yesterday. He most likely broke his hand but won't go to the doctor. He was drilling holes in the floor joists to reroute an electrical line when he hit a knot in the wood. The drill bit stopped but the drill didn't and torqued around, twisting forcefully into his knuckle. Ouch. And if that wasn't bad enough, he was still trying to work, using that hand (his left and he's left handed) to brace something while he worked and managed to hit the same knuckle with a hammer. Duh. So, he's a bit out of commission. He and the children did manage to finish the wiring today. He supervised and had J16 wire up the new switch box while the boys helped pull wire through the joists.
He's hoping to be well enough that we can hang dry wall tomorrow. J16 and I volunteered to do it this afternoon but he nixed the idea because he's worried we won't be able to get the sheets safely off the stack. We had a delivery of 100 sheets and the stack is pretty tall. We weren't worried. So regardless, we will probably be working on walls tomorrow.
But, since we weren't working on the walls, I took time after I got home from work to try to get a bit more organization going in my craft/sewing room. I finally got the shelves in my craft cupboard and J16 and I unpacked 3 big boxes of craft/sewing supplies. It's amazing all the things I've got. I really should give some things away since I have all this stuff that we did when the children were small that they're really too old for now. I'm still waiting for my other cabinets to get mounted on the wall because I have some more stuff to unpack. And I need to find a home for all my patterns where they are accessible. The room is still the storehouse of many things that will eventually live in the rumpus room but don't have homes yet. Maybe soon I'll be able to really organize it. I can't wait to get out my quilting stuff again. I've been looking at it on occasion, dreaming. Of course, I'll be able to work on it in all my spare time ;)
We're still hoping to have the rumpus room finished by Friday. So, I think I'm going to be VERY busy every evening this week.


  1. Tell that hubby of yours that he needs to go to see a Dr! He might listen to me, well probably not but it was worth a try. Men, honestly! :) Hope he feels better soon.

  2. It's too bad V hurt himself-I hope it's not hurt badly.
    I don't know about you, but I LOVE organizing stuff. Sounds like a great way to spend a rainy day. And if you keep saving the stuff you bought for the kids when they were small-well, eventually you'll have grandkids to use it on!

  3. What is with men and the DR? My husband is the same way!


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