Thursday, October 21, 2010

Having fun

With the new(ish) stats feature on blogger. Does anyone else find this cool?? I love to check out where people are visiting from and what they're looking at.
Of course, V tried to burst my bubble by telling me that lots of the hits it tracks are just from "bots" out cruising the web. But I hold out hope that people from all over the world are actually interested in what I say. Aack! Maybe I need to be more "appropriate".
Anyway, if you're stopping by, please delurk and let me know what you like, don't like or would like to see more of. Old friends are welcome to let me know as well ;)
Of course, you're always going to get more construction updates, gratuitous photos of my children and general life lessons learned as well as seasonal garden information.

Other than that, there's not much going on here. Construction on the basement continues. The glass block section of wall was installed (photos coming soon) and drywall will follow as soon as the outlets are wired up again. V is hoping to start on flooring this weekend. Hmm, maybe it's not such a bad thing that I work on Saturday.
J16 and I are saddened that after tonight we only have two belly dancing classes left. However, she said that she would offer 3 or 4 classes out of her home/studio in November/December and then would have classes at the rec center starting again in January and March. J16 and I have been having so much fun that we want to continue.
We're expecting patchy frost again here tonight. We'll see what is left in the garden. I'm being bad- I didn't go pick the peppers clean. Honestly, I'm about tired of processing hot peppers. I've got some in the fridge drawer that we can stuff a few more times and a few tomatoes ripening but I'm ready for the 2010 growing season to be over. I'll probably start a few greens in a window box or other container under my grow lights in a bit. 3/4 of K10's beans are doing well in the pot under the lights. They are getting their second set of true leaves. The other one was, I think, a bit abused coming home in his backpack and I don't think it's going to make it. C'est la vie.

Have a good Thursday night and Friday.


  1. I also love looking at the stats on my blog, although I think you can understand it better then me. I'm crushed that it could just be "bots" cruising around!

  2. I like your blog the way it is. That's why I read your posts. I enjoy your family projects, the kids, the animals, just everything. And especially like being able to see your personality come through in your posts. Forget about the stats and just keep on, keep on...debbie (WV) PS...I had no ideas about "Bots"...eeewh...

  3. I love reading your blog too =) It's nice to see someone who's (somewhat) in my neck of the woods doing things I aspire to do. So anything you post is interesting to me =)

    bots are poopy like that =( just don't think about that =)

  4. I love the word "lurking" LOL.... I love your blog exactly the way it is! ALTHOUGH.... weren't you working on getting your own space together for your quilting studio? I remember the dresser, I want to see how the "studio" is coming along!

  5. I like looking at Stats too but I don't use the blogger one. I use StatCounter which separates out the bots which you can see because they are the ones that stay on your blog for less than a second. My favorite stat is the search string that lands a new reader onto my blog. Most of the time, I got to figure they are sorely disappointed when they find out what I really was talking about.

  6. Thanks for stopping by all!
    Erin- oh, you have a good memory. Right now my quilting room is the catch all place for stuff that is currently homeless due to the rest of the basement being unfinished. But soon, much will have homes! :)
    Ed- Yeah, I love to see what searches brought people here. It seems like my post on the Galeux d'eysines and my long ago one on candied grapefruit peel are quite popular- who knew!

  7. Making a comment. Sorry V was hurt. Stop by aslo. Thanks.


  8. I'm not a bot, but i just clicked on "Next Blog" and found yours. Nice to read you!


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