Saturday, November 6, 2010

A bit of this and that

I'm feeling much better today. I'm not sure if it was the garlic broth or the 11 hours of sleep. Both probably helped tremendously. Today was a bit of little bits of lots of things. This morning was errands, dropping off pumpkins, dropping off bread for the church service tomorrow, picking up prescriptions, groceries, etc. the usual home stuff: dishes, laundry and making a big pot of chili. Yum.
V got his stuff cleared out of the storage room and we finally got the new freezer deployed in the house. Hurrah!!! I've been bugging him about getting that done for a while. So I spent some time this afternoon sorting and organizing the freezers. Hmm, does this mean I need to change my blog title? Now I've got two half-full freezers. It's kind of scary to be able to actually see what I've got. Maybe now I can be a bit more organized about eating down the inventory. I've now got one freezer for meat and such and one for veggies and other non-meaty items (I discovered a lost box of Girl Scout thin mints- mmmm). I was amazed to see how much frozen broccoli I've got from the garden this year. I filled an entire freezer basket of just broccoli. But, sadly, I discovered that I've only got one package of corn left. We didn't freeze any this year since Mom and Dad's corn "failed" and that's where we usually get it. I guess I should have picked up a bunch from the farmer's market and frozen some on my own. Oh well, too late now. It will be a cornless winter.
But, we will have pumpkin and broccoli to eat so we won't be veggie-less. I'm pleased to report that we now only have 4 galeux d'eysines left! Woot! That is a much more manageable number. I may be giving one of my remaining ones to my brother or nephew but that would be ok. I've still got plenty.
Now, I've got to go make some cornbread to go with that chili.


  1. Glad you're feeling better. Sleep is amazing stuff!-I should try and get more of it!!
    I'd love to have a second freezer. Don and I joke we need one just for ice cream. We have the biggest size they make, but with all the veggies from the garden, it doesn't take long to fill. By spring,as things get used up, I'm usually wishing I had a smaller one. Is there ANY pleasing me??

  2. What is galeux d'eysines? Is it a joke? or food? or what? lol I have no clue...glad to hear your new freezer is in place! I can't imagine 2 freezers, but you have a large family too, and there is just the two of us! I'm sure it makes a BIG difference!! ...debbie

  3. Debbie- the galeux d'eysines are the pumpkins we grew. I started out with 24 of them (at about 18-20 lbs each) so I'm glad to have the population smaller and more manageable.
    Sue- I'm thinking that with two freezers, as they get less full in the spring maybe we can unplug one and consolidate again. That way we don't need to run them both year round. Of course, we will probably find things to put in them, LOL.

  4. Congrats! I can't even imagine being able to see everything I have in the freezer LOL! And the thin mints - that's like finding a $20 in hubby's pocket! Not that he'd ever have one, I guess that's why it would be cool :)

    glad you are feeling a bit better, I hate this time of year only for that reason, seems like we are just waiting to see what bug will strike us down first!


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