Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rain and birthdays

It's finally starting to look and feel like November. It is a chilly, gray, rainy day here. Not much going on in my life. The usual weekend fare- laundry, cooking, cleaning. I'd like to get out and put cages around some of my little bushes before winter to protect them from bunnies but that will have to wait until it stops raining.
The two older children will be gone this evening to birthday parties. One of J16's friends is turning 18! This is a girl who is now a senior and who lived just down the street from us at our old house. Ack, I'm not ready for any of my children's friends to be "legal adults" yet. I13 will be heading out to a party for his friend Nikki. Goodness- what does that mean at the junior high level that he is invited to a girl's party... Hmmmm.... But, they are going rollerblading at the rec center and should have lots of fun.
J16 starts driver's ed on Monday. This should be interesting. This is the girl who is terrified to get behind the wheel. I'll have to make sure I take her out driving again to see if she can gain any more confidence.
Other than that, not much going on in my life. Yup, I'm rather boring. Not much happening construction-wise this weekend either. Again, we had hoped to get a few outside things done but the weather isn't cooperating. Maybe tomorrow.....


  1. nice blog title, with an attractive nature photo. This two will compel the visitors to spend a couple of minutes on your blog. keep it up

  2. yes, your eldest will be wanting to go to parties with "older kids there". I always called the mom during the day, to ask if Kelly or Brien who ever, could bring something to the party. That way you know the parents will be there. And if the parent is kid stayed home. I usually always told my kids I'd call and see if they needed anything...that way no one get mad or upset....seemed to work for me....debbie

  3. Drivers Ed, yikes! I remember my drivers ed, it was my English teacher and we would always have to drive him to the country club and sit in the parking lot for about 20 minutes while he was inside... drinking! Wow, the 80's... that would never fly now! I'm pretty sure every staff member was clued in to him and his personal chauffeurs the sober students, but nobody ever fired him - what's funny is my mom and dad had him too!

    Is it snowing there today?

  4. Debbie- I'm not too worried about this party but I'm sure there will be others....
    Erin- It's not snowing but it sure feels like it could. It's mid 30's and drizzly with that cold, dank wind that just goes right though you. Brrr.


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