Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First snow!

Not much, just a dusting but it's still snowing and cold and WINDY! What a way to end November. It made it seem a bit more seasonal and I actually found myself smiling while the snow swirled around me this afternoon.
I took a day off work today. No particular reason but I had some things I wanted to accomplish that are more easily done during the week.
I managed to get much of my holiday shopping done this morning. Hurrah!! Just a few more things that I want to order and I'll be done. I still need to pick up V's gift. I can't decide between two different things. Hmm, I'll have to think on that one.
J16 wants a book on herbs. Any suggestions? She likes mine (I have Rodale's Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs) and wants one like that- but I want to get her something different. She has a strong interest in herbs and herbal medicine that I'm not discouraging.
Mostly today, I puttered around the house, getting small things done.
It occurred to me that I haven't done an Independence Days update for quite a while. It's getting pretty samey this time of year but here goes...
1. Plant something- Tulips!! J16 and I finally got around to planting the tulips that I picked up at the end of the season. It's a bit late so hopefully they will do well.
2. Harvest something- lettuce, sage leaves, a few walking onions. Gleaned some corn from the fields for the birds.
3. Preserve something- cubed and roasted roasted the rest of the squash that was starting to go bad and froze it in meal sized portions. We like to have squash cubes tossed with olive oil, onion, garlic, salt, pepper and rosemary roasted in the oven. Served over pasta with parmesan cheese it is heavenly. I've never tried to roast it and freeze it before but it's all set to thaw, reheat, mix with parmesan and serve. We'll see how it goes.
4. Waste not- Hmm, can't really think of much different than the norm. Froze the extra lasagna since there is no way we can eat it all before it goes bad.
5. Want not- Gleaned corn for bird food. Organized my extra canning jars for next year. I'm still trying to organize the basement since construction is coming to a close.
6. Build community- not much here
Gotta run and get my pizza out of the oven.

7. Eat the food- Mmm, squash lasagna. Need I say more...


  1. Snow already huh?! Eeeek. Glad to hear your doing so well on your shopping! wow! It's rained hard all day today. Snow flurries the next few days and then, thankfully on Friday Sunny. Am glad since I'll be driving to Columbus, Ohio to pick up little Cooper. I hope the weather stays clear. It's a 3 hour drive....debbie

  2. Eh, snow shmow. We've had snow here for about 3 weeks and last week it was -25F. FReaking cold if you ask me.

    Have a great end to November and a happy holiday season!

  3. I loved seeing the flurries to..not the wind tho...I feel like it is more like the holidays with the snow..

    I wish I could say the same with the christmas shopping done...not finished at all..but that is okay..I have ordered most of it..

    Have a great everning and week ahead..Lisa

  4. Hi Judy...check out Rosemary Gladstar's books on herbs. My favorite is Family Herbal. We had a few flurries here today too. Puts me in the Christmas spirit.

  5. Debbie- drive safely and enjoy your new puppy.
    Jenn- Poor thing. Actually, this is a bit late for snow for us. But you can keep your -25.
    Lisa- wasn't it pretty!- IF you were safe and warm inside.
    Barb- Thanks for the recommendation- I've been looking at the Rosemary Gladstar books. I had hoped they would have one at the bookstore when I went today but no luck. I always like to look before I buy books.

  6. Judy, I have "The Complete Book of Herbs" by Andi Clevely and Katherine Richmond and I really enjoy it. It gives the "how-to" on growing, plus recipes and craft ideas. Tons (TONS!) of great photos. You might have to try Amazon or something online-it was published in 1995, but it is an excellent (and very thorough) book.

  7. I came across an herbal remedy guide by the Mayo Clinic a while ago that was good, but it's mostly all healing stuff not growing... I'm sure there are loads of good stuff out there. Glad you got to see some snowflakes, I always love the first snow.

  8. Snow! I get all giddy, like a child, the first couple times it snows. Then I'm over it and ready for spring. I hope to see snow this year, but we're so far south, there's not much hope. Enjoy!

  9. The snow keeps melting here which just makes me sad. :(


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