Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

This is it. Here in the US it is Thanksgiving Day. A day when we are to step back, spend time with family and friends, share a feast and give thanks for another year and a bountiful harvest. Unfortunately, it seems that many have forgotten the Thanks part of Thanksgiving and are more focused on the food and planning their shopping extravaganza.
I'm Thankful today that I've got friends and family who share the idea that we need to give thanks.
I'm thankful for all of you who have been along on this journey for another year.
Have a safe, wonderful day. Thank the farmers who helped provide your meal, and if you produced it yourself, be sure to thank the earth for it's bounty.


  1. Just a quick stop in to tell you I had a wonderful yummy day!! We had the kids and grandkids, plus Kelly had a fellow friend come! Had a great day!...debbie


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