Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Still Thankful- part 4

I should be running out, right? But there are so many things I'm thankful for that I certainly can't name them all. I did an activity with patients looking for the positives in not so positive situations... and we even decided that we can be thankful for laundry- because it means that I have clothes to wear and a family to generate more.
I'm thankful for dishes- even though I hate doing them- because they mean that I have food to put on the table. I'm thankful for my freezers and well stocked pantry to see us through tough times- especially with food prices that keep climbing.
I'm thankful that I live in a prosperous country where I'm free to do what I choose (within reason and law!) and I am truly indebted to all the brave men and women who serve to defend our freedom- both at home and abroad. I salute all of you and wish you all a happy Thanksgiving.
Still more to come.....

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