Sunday, November 14, 2010


I bought a weapon today.
The first time in my life that I bought something that can kill.
I guess it isn't so bad. I bought a youth sized bow for the boys for a holiday gift. The children have archery training in junior high and they have had fun with it at camp. I'm always looking at something new to get them outside, as well. J16 was along with me when I got it and she says she wants to be able to use it, as do I.
I figure it is a good skill to have and one that could potentially put food on the table. The bow I got is a compound bow that is adjustable for different draw weights and lengths. At it's maximum setting it has a 45 pound draw which is enough to be legal to hunt, should they ever decide to do that. I have an uncle who was a bow hunter along with some cousins so maybe they can give the boys some tips.
It could be interesting after the holidays....


  1. We had a "basic" archery course in high school-just a few weeks, and it certainly wasn't a compound bow, but it was fun. I think in the spring, we'll be hearing that YOU'VE been out practising.
    And when you get good at it, you can come up here and bag one of these wild turkeys that hang at my bird feeders. Imagine how satisfying THAT would be!!

  2. A compound bow! We have a lot of Compound Bow clubs around here. I guess there are a lot of people who shoot bows. Good luck learning how. I've never held one myself. I'm sure the kids will really enjoy it...debbie

  3. Sweet! We have yet to make that purchase, although hubby wants one BAD! He and I are trained on all kinds of military weaponry, but when I bought the "Red Ryder" last year for the kiddos it was WAY more fun to plink the squirrel targets in the back yard! Hubby will have to wait on the bow until we move to an area with good hunting and he has more time to do it! Our 4-H club has an archery program one of my boys is interested in when he gets old enough.

  4. Sounds great to me! I used to shoot quite a bit with a friend of mine. I have never hunted but if I ever do it will be with a bow. I think it is a great skill and a quality pastime.

  5. I was just thinking about how I'd like to get Nate involved with starting to learn to hunt and that I was more okay with him learning bow then gun... Although he has already shot a handgun (on the range, with someone helping him).

    I let them take him to the range, because I wanted him to see what a weapon can actually do to someone/something instead of what you see on TV. He was suitably impressed.


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