Monday, November 22, 2010

Thankful- part 2

Another day of Thankfulness. Where to begin... there are so many things.
Today we had a cold front move through so I am thankful for my warm house. I may complain of all the work that still needs done, but the fact remains that my home is lovelier and larger by far than the homes of most of the world's population. I am grateful that my family and I have been granted the challenge of taking this poor, neglected house and turning it into a warm, snug home.
I am continually grateful that we have been graced with ownership of our land. Five acres of heaven. Oh, some may call parts of it a swamp and a weed patch- but where they see swamp and weeds, I see wetlands and wildflowers. We still have a long way to go to bring this land to it's full productivity- but I'm patient. I'm also grateful that my family is along for the journey, learning and growing alongside me.
K10's beans
K10's beans are growing well in the south window. They are over a foot tall at this point and growing strong. I'm thankful that he has a glimmer of the joy for growing things that I do. I'll have to nurture that joy as we nurture the beans.
It's a great feeling to focus on my blessings. Anyone want to count their blessings along with me this week?


  1. We were truly blessed yesterday... I'll try an blog about it later, but YES! Definitely time to take stock of all we are thankful for.
    LOVE the beans!

  2. I love that you are blogging about thankfulness all week. I'm thankful that our family is all together. I should probably do a thankfulness blog post as well.

  3. SO happy for your blessings this year, and ours! Happy Thanksgiving, Judy, from our household to yours!! :)

    Robbyn and Jack


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