Thursday, November 25, 2010

She Did It!!

Woo Hoo! We picked up my nephew this morning and then- wait for it--- J16 drove all 75 miles to my parent's farm. And we arrived safe and sound! This was definitely a confidence booster for the girl who hates to drive. This was her first time on an interstate highway and the first time with more than just me in the car. But she did fine. Fortunately, the traffic was light this morning and it was a lovely day.
We had a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner with my parents and nephew. My brother and SIL were hosting today for "strays" who had nowhere else to go today so didn't come down to join us.
This afternoon I took a walk in the fields and gleaned probably half a bushel of corn. Dad confirmed my fears that his tenant plants GMO corn so this will be feed for the wild birds this winter (although part of me hates to feed it even to them). If it had been non-GMO field corn I would have set some aside to grind for us- especially since this was picked directly off the stalks and not from the ground. There were a few gullies formed from all this year's rains that they didn't drive the combine through so there were several feet of unpicked rows on either side.
My nephew confirmed for me that my pumpkin was, indeed, served at the 126 where he is kitchen manager. He said he made ravioli and rissoto. He also used some pears that my parents gave him and said that he overheard one of the servers telling a customer that the pears came from his grandparent's farm. It was evidently quite the selling point. Who knows. Maybe I'll have to see what else I can interest him in next year. It could be fun to provide him with some specialty produce. Hmmmm..... the wheels are turning.
I've got another three days off but it will be busy. We've got a ton to do around the house and we're planning to have friends over for dinner on Saturday. I've got bread to bake and a pumpkin to process since I noticed that it is beginning to go. One ended up on the compost pile yesterday as it had a catastrophic failure in the basement that I didn't catch in time.
I hope all who celebrated Thanksgiving here in the US had a memorable day. And for all reading from outside the US. I hope you had a peaceful Thursday.


  1. So cool about the pumpkins! Congrats to your daughter for making the drive... does this mean BOTH parents got to enjoy some wine with dinner LOL?

  2. Ha! No such luck on the wine- although I probably could have used some by the time we arrived. LOL! No, my parent's don't drink and we didn't make Justine drive home in the dark this evening. We're not THAT mean- yet.

  3. I keep reading about Thanksgiving, all the food just sounds delicious. Yum, I'd do well at that kind of celebration.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Congrats to J16 on a successful drive to the farm! Glad to hear you had a great time Thanksgiving. I think most people did!! ...debbie


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