Sunday, November 7, 2010

Progress at Troll Bridge Farm

It was a beautiful, sunny day here in the Midwest. The perfect day for hanging sheets on the line and tearing a hole in the side of your house....
Well, not really. But V did replace the South door today. Gone is the ugly security door that had been there and the new, energy efficient door is installed. Here are some views of the day...
V tries the new door frame for size.

See, nothing there!
Now everyone can look in and see my messy pantry!
The new door is in!
Since V didn't really need my help constantly but I needed to be within earshot for lifting, holding, etc, I spent the day in the kitchen.
Cranberry Orange Nut bread.
Check out K10's beans- they're getting big.
My parents did come for a visit this afternoon, bringing my oldest nephew with them. Andrew recently moved back from Chicago and is working as a chef at one of the higher class restaurants here in town (126 for those familiar with the Iowa City restaurant scene). He took one of our big pumpkins and was going to take it to work. He was talking about putting pumpkin ravioli on the menu. Hmmm, maybe we'll have to go out to dinner soon....
Mom also brought, in addition to a big bag of pears, a gift of sorts. She says she is slowing down production and brought me this:
Two boxes of pint and half pint jars.
Woo Hoo!
I think I counted 25 jars and there is also a big bag of rings. They got to sit on the new couch and see all the progress. This was the first time my nephew has been out here so it was all new for him. Mom was impressed with my new freezer and laughed that it is so much easier to put stuff into the freezer than to take it out. Too true sometimes. Their one freezer is about the size of both of mine combined. But I did take some pumpkin puree out of the freezer and I'm trying an experiment. Pumpkin biscuits. I'll let you know how they turn out. If they're any good, I'll share the recipe.


  1. Love the new door-but now you're gonna have to keep your pantry SPIFFY or get a curtain on the window--LOL! Ah, it's always something!

  2. New door is very nice!! I guess V's hand is getting better! Yea! Nice to have visitors on the weekend! Especially a chef, to give you hints??!! I love pumpkin anything. YUM! ...debbie

  3. I've actually had pumpkin or some type of squash ravioli and it was yummy! Door looks great! We have had green beans for the last 4 "real" dinners I have cooked simply because it's on top of the freezer LOL... wish I could find the peas and corn!


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