Friday, November 5, 2010

Ugh, still sick

I'm REALLY ready to be healthy again! I've been hacking and coughing all week. I'm guessing that it may be bronchitis but I'm reluctant to go to the Dr since they will just throw antibiotics at me. We've already had one round with resistant organisms in this house, so I'll take my chances unless things get much worse. The OTC meds have been doing nothing for me so I'm going to go back to my old standby herbal remedies. So, after a nice hot, steamy shower, I've rubbed down my chest with Tiger Balm (Love that stuff!) and am going to have a nice hot cup of broth- heavy on the garlic. At least I'm sick enough that garlic breath won't bother V as much as my coughing!
Tomorrow I've got some errands to run, including a trip to Mt Vernon to see Jen (of Emerald Sunshine). I'm going to deliver some pumpkins to her since she gave me the lovely seeds that produced this epic bounty. Then, I think, this weekend we will be putting in the new door to the deck. It's supposed to be sunny and in the 60's this weekend so it may be our last good weekend weatherwise for work like that. My parents were going to come up and bring us some more pears but now they're thinking again since I'm still sick. Hopefully I'll feel better soon.
I hope you all have a healthy, happy weekend.


  1. I really hope you feel better , soonest.

    Love, Sarah xx

  2. Hope you get rid of that nasty cough soon-
    I've never heard of the garlic trick. Mom used to give me lemon and honey. But, anything is better than more pills from a doctor.

  3. so sorry you are under the weather! i am nursing a sniffly kiddo today, too. hope you are feeling better soon!

  4. Your cough sure is hanging in there...might try some nice burbon heh? Knock that darn thing right outta there! Hope you feel better soon! ...debbie

  5. I am so, so, so sorry that I fell asleep before you got here! I feel like such a complete heel. Ugh.

    Working night shift is wreaking havoc on my social skills and niceties. After my shift I'm just so exhausted... The other three days of the week (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) aren't typically so bad.

    I feel so bad. :(


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