Saturday, November 13, 2010

I think I'll have another glass of wine...

Not much going on tonight. J16 is off at her friend's birthday party. I13's party that he was supposed to go to was a no-go. The birthday girl started vomiting this afternoon so there was a last minute cancelation. If she was going to get sick- I'm glad it was today and not tomorrow after she had exposed everyone.
Laundry is done, dishes are done, boys are playing video games. Hmm, maybe a drink and a book are calling. I may have to see how the new couch does for reading.....

And don't worry- V is on daughter retrieval duty tonight so I won't be driving any more today.


  1. Hope you had a relaxing evening! Nothing like a little wine and a good book and a warm cozy spot!! ...debbie

  2. poor girl - I'm still waiting to see if I caught what Finn had, so far so good, but I'm a bit tired today. A book sounds so nice!

  3. The poor birthday girl! I have to agree with your assessment, though. :)


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