Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I don't often get political here. My political views aren't necessarily a secret but they're not something I publicize. I tend to be a very accepting person and am very tolerant of others opinions. As such, I request that you respect my opinions. If you don't agree with what I'm going to say, that's fine- just don't try to tell me I'm wrong. Ok?
I must say that I'm disappointed in 52% of my fellow Iowans today. On several accounts.
First, and probably least controversial is my disappointment that Frances Thicke was not elected to be the secretary of Agriculture. He is an organic farmer and I think would have been a good voice to have be heard.
Second, I'm most disappointed in many Iowan's decision to unseat three justices on the Iowa Supreme Court, including the chief justice. This story has been long in the making. As some of you may realize, Iowa is one of a handful of states that has legalized same sex marriage after the supreme court issued a unanimous decision that a law to ban same sex marriage was unconstitutional- based on examination of the Iowa state constitution that guarantees that no law will be passed that discriminates against any group of citizens (my words, not theirs). This decision was met with much hand wringing by a small number of individuals who I feel are "hate and fear mongers". These same individuals had proposed an amendment to the constitution a few years ago banning same sex marriage- it failed due to not enough support. However, this time around, they decided to "get back" at those "activist judges" and launched a million dollar ad campaign to spread anger and fear, claiming, among other things that allowing same sex marriage would somehow erode our other rights, including our right to bear arms. Ummm.... I'm not sure how that works. Anyway, the way the Iowa judicial system works is that the supreme court judges are appointed by the governor from a list of candidates who are selected as the best/brightest out there (a merit system). Although they are appointed, every 8 years their retention is put to a popular vote. So, this year, succumbing to the fear and hate spewed by a few, Iowa voters threw three judges out of office. For doing their jobs. For putting aside their personal and political views and interpreting the law as it is written. For making a case that discrimination is not fair.
I'm sorely disappointed. Regardless on your view of same sex marriage, this was a travesty of the political system. Our judicial system should be free from political agendas. The judges should be allowed to make decisions based on what is legally RIGHT, not what is politically popular without putting their jobs on the line.
Lets hope that better judgement reigns soon and that those who spread fear and hate of that which they don't understand learn tolerance.


  1. From what I understand ... Culver has the right to name new judges before he leaves office. That gives me hope.

    Culver is a fine man that was doing a great job in tough times. I too am disappointed.........

  2. I don't know a thing about Iowa's political arena, and I haven't heard anything about the legalization of same sex marriages being unconstitutional - just didn't know about it in your state. We don't hear much about Iowa in West Virginia...debbie

  3. Amen, sista! On a kind of "cool" note... Minnesota had a local "write-in" candidate for a mayoral position that actually won! But other bad things abound in that state's election as well...

  4. I'm one of the 52% you are disappointed in and perhaps I can shed some light on my vote. I know Frances Thicke personally and he is a great guy. However, I lived next door to the fellow that picked up Thicke's milk and on occasion, delivered him milk when he was short. The delivered milk was anything but organic and yet it got bottled up and sold like the rest. If a man can deceive his customers, I'm sure he would do the same to his constituents and that bothered me enough to not vote for him.

    I also voted to oust the three supreme court justices as I do every year to limit their time in office and to get new faces and interpretations into office. However, this year, I suppose I would have still voted them out even if I didn't feel this way. My reasoning has nothing to do with the gay marriage issue or being a hate a fear monger. I feel that those 7 Supreme Court Justices legislated from their bench instead of interpreting our laws as I laid out in this post a year and a half ago and that bothered me. If they legislate on an issue that didn't bother me, what would they do on an issue that might concern me greatly. My two cents anyway.

  5. I'm with you, Judy.
    The results down here were staggering to me as well...on so many levels. The hate and fear mongering that took place in all those high priced tv ads and mailings was the worst I have ever seen.

    These are very scary times indeed. I have been reading some interesting stuff about where all this money came from...

    I will try to keep my life on my little piece of land and take care of my family and live as best I can. I am very afraid.

  6. I agree with you, Judy. I was also very disappointed in the election this year and am very concerned about the huge amount of outside, corporate money that is now being invested in hate and fear ads to get certain politicians in office and influence legislation that benefits those companies.

    I have always voted, but have never been active in supporting campaigns. I've always voted, but have never been active. I've decided to become more involved and work to support politicians who look out for the people instead of big corporations. I don't want to push against others, but to work with those that bring civility back into politics.

    I love your blog, by the way, and look forward to every post.

  7. Ed- thanks for your insights. I'm not so much disappointed in people like you, who voted your conscience on the process. I'm disappointed in those thousands of people who fell victim to the fear mongering.
    Thanks again for taking the time to comment.

  8. I totally understand. I often wish people would take a more active stance in politics by learning more about the issue than what the television ads tell us.


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