Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Madness

Oosh, if this is what Mondays are going to be like- I want off!! The afterschool running around is crazy! Of course, I'm just along for the ride for most of it. Poor V is the driver.
Here is the usual drill: K10 has to be picked up at school at 3:15 and dropped off at band rehearsal at 3:35. Then V drives across town to pick me up early from work at 3:45. We generally run errands until K10 is ready to be picked up at 4:45. Then home and take J16 to orchestra.
Except things just got crazier! J16 now has driver's education after school until 4:30. So that adds another stop into the mix. Tonight she was home for all of 5 minutes before she had to head back out for orchestra, not returning home until nearly 7. Poor kid- she was gone for 12 hours today. That's a LONG day for a teenager- or anyone else! And that will be her schedule for the next 12 weeks or so. Unless she drops driver's ed. (please, NO!!!!)
She evidently had a run in with the teacher about scheduling driving time. The registration letter we got indicated that driving time could be scheduled during a free period at school, before or after school- they will work around your schedule. Well, this afternoon, the instructor told her that she HAS to have a study hall this trimester while she is in driver's ed to schedule drive time. The problem is, she doesn't HAVE a study hall this tri- she is carrying a full load of classes and was never told that she has to have a study hall. I REALLY hope this can be worked out. Otherwise, we will be shelling out for her to take it in the summer- which would also mean 6 more months of being her chauffeur. While I've got some anxiety about her being out and about on her own- It will also be really nice when she can drive herself to orchestra or her lesson.
But enough whining. I've got my usual Monday update. It's going to be getting pretty samey here for the next few months.
1. Plant something- nope. But I did get rabbit fences put around my bush cherries and apricots. I actually received the first seed catalog of the season already. It seems a bit early- I'm not done cleaning up from this year's garden yet! Oh, and I ran strings from the pot to the curtain rod in the kitchen for K10's beans. They are starting to climb. This should be fun. I'll try to remember to post some pictures.
2. Harvest something- only some herbs for last night's roast chicken. But, mmm, fresh sage leaves are yummy!
3. Preserve something- no again. Unless I can count that I've still got my hair after going out driving with J16 yesterday!
4. Waste not- hmm, we've made it a point to eat potatoes on multiple occasions. Remember my joy at the potato deal I got a few weeks ago- bah- they aren't keeping very well so we're having to eat them quickly. At least the squash and pumpkins are keeping well. Other than that, it's been the usual around here. V and K10 spent some quality time on Sunday pulling nails out of salvaged lumber so it's ready for repurposing. Let's see, I also made stock from what was left of the chicken we had last night for dinner.
5. Want not- I'm sure there is something. Now that V has moved out of the storage room downstairs I really need to get my canning supplies better organized in there. Currently they are stashed in various places around the house and some empty jars are in the barn. I want to get them all organized so I have a better idea what I've got for next year. Got I13 a new coat over the weekend- and a few more pair of jeans. He is at that awkward size. Around here, the boys sections at the stores only carry pants up to size 16. Those no longer fit so we have to move up to the mens department. The problem is that he is so skinny- it's hard to find any mens sizes with at 28 or 29 inch waist.
I guess I can count the bow purchase in here- I think I'm probably more excited to use it than the boys will be. But who knows, we'll see after the holiday.
6. Build community food systems- We've been drinking locally produced apple cider, that's about it.
7. Eat the food- Oh, yeah! Our chicken last night was fabulous (fairly local- but not within 100 miles ;( ) and the fresh herbs were divine. We've eaten some of the broccoli from the freezer and pumpkin muffins. We had pasta sauce made with the last of the tomatoes I picked green and that had been ripening in the house and the last green pepper. Yummy.

That about wraps it up for another week. I hope you all have an excellent week ahead.


  1. That's one thing that always takes me by surprise every year - the incessant running around in the dark after school to activities! Loch will be just like your son, he's skinny as a rail and probably always will be since his daddy is very slim too... too bad they don't make those adjustable waistbands in mens sizes, LOL... have you seen them or were your kids too old already when they came out with them? Old Navy started them and they are da BOMB, but of course are only up to about boys size 8!

  2. I do not miss the days like your days. I had 2 taking drivers ed at the same time through Kirkwood... the teacher was great and took Dave and Kim at the same time after school. Russ did the rides with them because I am not a good passenger.. they do learn alot from drivers ed...When Tim was taking it and it was at this time of year, he took Tim to a snowy parking lot and make him do donuts and get the feel of the car sliding so he could learn to take control in that situation.. He also had Tim going on highway 30 and then put the car in neutral to see what Tim would do..Tim's teacher was great...

    Oh you will love it when she starts driving.. you will worry but in a whole different way..

    Have a great day..

  3. I remember durning the summer you had said your "rat race" was going to begin soon. I do remember those days. I hope your daughter can get her driving time. It really helps when they can drive - only problem is the extra insurance, extra car, extra worry....good luck...debbie

  4. I was skimming over this blog and my eyes just had to stop, linger, and enjoy the words "fresh herbs."



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