Monday, January 31, 2011

The first order in!

My order from Baker Creek Seeds arrived today.  I'm truly amazed.  I placed my order last Thursday night and it arrived the following Monday.  With- get this- a note apologizing for any delay.  That was a delay??  Impressive.
Here's the haul:
Tomato Ananas Noire- multicolored big tomato- 1 1/2 pounds!!
Melon Tigger advertised as small- 1 lb- fragrant melons- that and they look really cool!
Tomatillo Purple- Just what it says- supposedly sweet enough to eat raw from the garden... Mmm
Corn Chires Baby- we love baby corn in stir fry so we're going to try to grow our own.  It makes popcorn when mature!
Pepper Purple Beauty- nothing too exciting but I don't have purple bell seeds, just red and yellow
Swiss Chard Rainbow- because we love it.
And as a free gift they sent a pack of Carrot Parisienne- globe carrots- good thing because all I have are old carrot seeds that I was going to plant this year.

See, I showed some restraint.  I'm still waiting for my other order from Cook's Garden that shipped on Saturday so maybe tomorrow.....  then you can see how much restraint I didn't show

And speaking of tomorrow, I'm off work for the next two days.  Woo Hoo!  I just decided to take a couple of vacation days.  The weekend was so crazy that I didn't get much accomplished and next weekend will also be a bust since we will be traveling to my parent's farm for Dad's birthday.  I need a little down time for sanity and to do some laundry, sorting and organizing the back room to make a space for the kitchen counters to be stored when they are delivered.  Plus, I'm coming down with a cold and have a sore throat so I thought I'd keep my germs to myself and with the round of snow set to arrive, having Wednesday off will just reduce the pressure of having to get up and clear the driveway to try to get to work.  Maybe I can actually enjoy the snowfall now.
Hope you all stay safe and warm.  It's snowy out there already.


  1. Enjoy your time off and feel better soon. You are always so busy and deserve a break!

  2. I recognized those Baker Creek packets right away! Mine came fast too, my free seeds were flowers, it's always fun to see what the companies throw in there :)

    Stay safe, warm and off the roads... scary weather reports, I'll be thinking of you and hoping it doesn't get too dangerous!


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