Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thinking seeds...

I've been perusing the seed catalogs.  Dreaming of Spring when it's 14 outside.   I'm making a few selections.  I think I'll be placing an order through Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds this year.  We want to try the baby corn (you know, the kind you get in stir fry) since we all love it and I'm guessing that it could be canned or frozen for winter use.  I've also spotted a melon that I'm curious about.  And.. I'm sure the list will grow before I actually place the order.  Not that I NEED any seeds.  I've got plenty of seeds left from last year.  But......


  1. I have ordered from Baker Creek and been pleased with their seeds. I have also tried the baby corn but they didn't produce(probably not the corns fault but my garden soils fault at the time). I have seedlings sprouting on the windowsill now!

  2. I don't know how you show so much restraint......
    I have seeds GALORE, but still keep a pretty high seed budget. There is always something new and neat to try.
    I'll be watching for your report later this year on that baby corn. Those are so cute.....I guess I didn't even realize they sold that....duh on me!

  3. I'm so afraid to start going through my seed catalogs before I get my goals together for 2011 - since some of them involve my seed budget, LOL! I will admit to sneaking the Baker Creek catalog out of the stack to look through while the kids were at music lessons :)

  4. Oh, Becky- I'm so jealous, It's still a bit too early for us to start seeds. That doesn't mean that my grow lights aren't already set up though.... ;)
    Sue- who said anything about restraint. I just haven't gotten started yet. It's just that I don't NEED any seeds....
    Erin- It's OK that you got your 'fix' with that one. Even V sat down and looked at it when it came. It is the ultimate in "garden porn".

  5. Baker Creek is amazing! I've got to plan out my garden this year and get a move on. It's almost seed starting time. (It just goes by so fast for me.)

  6. I love Bakers Creek, one of the best. I can't wait to plant stuff too. I'm currently reading about container gardening, so we can do it more efficiently this year.

  7. baker creek and johnny's for me!
    its waaay early for us, but now i have all these south facing windows with 12 inch sills-just perfect for starting seeds-it i can figure out how to keep the cats off :)
    Judy --what brand of pressure canner did you buy--is it a good one?

  8. Baker Creek's catalog is an absolute work of artistic perfection...I go all gaga over it!!

    Big storm coming in tonight...we still have snow on the ground from the last one, been to cold to melt.
    Even though the catalogs are starting to come in, it's hard for me to get out of this winter thinking mode...sigh....


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