Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I got my seeds sorted this afternoon and started my planting calendar.  One thing I noticed is that my seed starting will begin right around when the children have spring break.  Well, thinking of spring break got me started thinking about our project that we have planned for that week: Our kitchen remodel. Thinking that if we are going to order cabinets for the kitchen, we had better get started since we have just two months to go.  So, I sat with the catalogue and the kitchen measurements.  Eek. I never thought it would be this hard. There are too many decisions.
I've never been able to plan a kitchen from the ground up.  Our current cabinets were built in place and are anything but standard size.  It's fun to dream (and then pare it down to reality!) I've got a rough idea for the base cabinets and most of the wall cabinets.  I can plan the cabinets but I'll leave it to someone else to figure out the counters.  We've got the cabinet style selected and our countertops and paint colors:  maple cabinets, black granite counters and the walls will be a forest green below the chair rail and yellow above.  Now on to selecting the flooring.  This will end up costing us a chunk of change but we've been saving a portion of the old house sale $ for this (after the well, septic and insulation)  And part will still go for new windows.
The next step is to go to the planning center at the store where they have the computer program that lets you lay it all out and make sure it fits before you order.  Maybe this weekend after I work Saturday.
In something totally unrelated.  K10 and I were talking as he did the dishes after dinner this evening and he evidently had been complaining to his friends at school about having chores to do.  Evidently none of his friends have any kind of chores that they have to do around the house.  And he said that his friends thought it was weird "the way we live"- meaning that the children have assigned chores.  We talked about it and decided that he was learning things that his friends won't know when they get older.  I, of course, was appalled that his friends don't have to help around the house at all.  If they don't learn now, what will they do when they are older??


  1. I did our kitchen and the rental from the ground up with counters with pencil and paper and I'm still amazed the way everything fit perfectly - math was never my strong subject (I didn't think), amazing what one can do when provided the right motivation LOL!

    I remember last year the neighborhood kids were on the other side of the wire fence asking if they could come into the yard and play and my 7 & 5 year old replied "after we're done with our chores, mom said"... the other kids replied "what are chores?".... ugh! My kids don't have much at this age, but in the yard keeping their toys picked up, scooping dog poop, and sometimes a little harvesting I think is fine for them.

  2. When we built our house I was so excited about planning the kitchen! Now that I look back at it I wouldn't do it the same way. Like the built in desk. What a waste. Never ever did I use it. I keep the dogs dishes underneath it.
    It's about 3 inches shorter than our counter top. I'd rather have the same level space. More useable. I'm sure you'll have fun. Sounds like you have it planned out really well to me. Can't wait to see the photos!! Yea! our first make over this year!!....debbie

  3. No chores?! What is this world coming too? I had to wear a leg brace for three months when I was a kid and I thought I would be able to sit inside all day and read and be excused of chores. Mom made me the head cook those three months responsible for cooking all three daily meals. I blame that three months for my current love of cooking!


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