Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm such a Mom.

Do I spoil my children?
This morning, it was a frosty 14 below zero outside.  That's air temps- not counting the wind chill.  I didn't really want the children to have to stand outside to wait for the bus in temps like that.
When I was a child, riding the bus to and from school, the bus would stop at the end of the drive, honk and wait for us to board on really cold days.  Since my children are being picked up ON the highway- the buses stop traffic on a state highway to pick them up- the buses do NOT wait.  If the kids are not waiting by the road, the bus will not stop- so they have to go out early to be there on time.
Being off work and with the cold temps this morning, I spoiled the kids a bit.  I pulled the car out of the garage to the end of the drive and let them wait in the car until they could see their bus crest the top of the hill.  V thinks I was being too soft.  I think it was the smart thing to do- rather than have them stand out there for 5 minutes waiting.  


  1. My parents bribed the bus driver to drive down our 1/8th mile driveway to pick us up in the morning but we always had to walk down it in the afternoons.

    I've seen many people who have built a small shed at the end of their drive for their children with a window in the direction the bus arrives and a door. I'm sure as handy as V is, he could build one out of scraps in an afternoon.

  2. i would have done the same thing! keeping your kids out of -14 degree weather isn't being too soft, in my opinion. yes, they would have survived, but it's such a happier way to start the day. :)

  3. I think mom's do what they think is best. We have that sense about us. And in really cold weather, it doesn't take skin tissue long to become frost bit. And Ed had a great idea.
    A cute little bus stop house might be a great answer!! with a built in heater to be turned on from inside the house ahead of time...debbie

  4. We had a long drive way that I had to wait at the end of for the bus. (We lived on a county highway. My bus didn't stop if I wasn't there either.) On very cold days, like at yours today, my Mom would drive me to the end of the driveway and stay there with the heater running it the bus came. Good job Momma!

  5. Our farm was on a highway too, on top of a blind hill at that, so we had to wait out in the "bus lean-to" LOL... you are a good mama indeed!


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