Friday, January 28, 2011

Poor Sweetie

Poor J16.  What a horrible day.  Of course, being hormonal didn't help but she really did have a crappy day.  First and foremost, she has apparently lost her wallet.  She knows she had it yesterday afternoon as they have to show their permits to the driver's education instructor before they can drive.  But, somehow, it has vanished.  She has searched her book bag and room.  We searched the living room, the car and the garage.  We even drove back to the school at 530 pm to check it out.  Fortunately since there was an event at school tonight, it was open.  She didn't find it in the room where she was waiting for us to pick her up from driver's ed and a janitor was even nice enough to let her into the main office to check the lost and found.  No luck.
Of course, the DMV is closed on Mondays and she is set to drive again on Tuesday.  Fortunately, they are open for a few hours tomorrow morning so guess where we will most likely be.  In addition to her permit, she had her school ID, several gift cards, her international black belt certification card and some cash.  sigh....  The gift cards she had at least registered online already so there is hope for those.  But really, we aren't holding out much hope.
To top off the day, we went to refill her birth control prescription (yes, I know, I cover my ears and say LALALALALA- although she uses it for regulation as much- or more- than anything else) and they told us they didn't have any.  Of course- all this got put off until the last minute and she needs it TOMORROW. Fortunately, the store in Coralville (maybe 10 miles?) had some and was able to fill her prescription.  We ended up driving all over town this evening but got her prescription and the few groceries we needed (and a really great deal on grapefruit- 18 lb for $5!).  The whole wallet thing was discovered because I was initially going to have her drive to the drug store.  At least it was discovered tonight rather than Tuesday, right as she was to produce her permit for the teacher before she drives for class.  She is a bit calmer.  We had time to talk in the car and I think I was able to convince her that it isn't the end of the world.  Not much anyway.
I hope your day went better.  Mine was great before all this happened.
Oh, and J16 was also complaining that she had an ink splot on a drawing she is working on for class and had to work on salvaging the piece.  It's one that she is hoping to enter in a juried art show and potentially sell so she was a bit upset about that to start the day.

But tomorrow is another day.


  1. Poor J16. That all would be the end of the world at 16. Love to see her artwork and know how she does since I studied art. :)

  2. OH Dear! It would be a bad day for me too, but I would imagine at 16, it was devastation! Hopefully it fell in between the car seat or is in her room or deep in her purse...hope she finds it. Sounds like today has GOT to be better! ...debbie

  3. Sorry that all happened! As if being a teenager wasn't enough in itself LOL! As a sufferer from endometriosis, I sympathize with the regulation and hormones, it all sucks! Hope next week is a much better one for her.


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